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13 Days of Halloween Makeup- Cleopatra

Hello all! Today I will be sharing with you my Cleopatra look for “13 Days of Halloween Makeup”! Cleo is a timeless Halloween costume idea and I have always wanted to do an Egyptian-inspired makeup look!

FullSizeRender 130

FullSizeRender 131

Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: 3/10

I started off with a dark shade of foundation (3 shades darker than I normally wear) to create that bronzed-skin look. Next, I filled my lids with sparkly god eyeshadow, continued by a pacific blue in my crease. I did not blend the two colours as I wanted more contrast. Next, I used a turquoise blue above my crease, blended towards both extremities of my eyes. Next, I traced a thin line of pacific blue under my lower lash line. Afterwards, I applied mascara and a thick line of liquid eyeliner above my upper lash line, which I dragged outwards dramatically, and inwards into a peak. Next, I created the box shape, and filled that in with gold eyeliner. Underneath the blue line of eyeshadow, I traced another line with eyeliner, which ended in a curl. Under one eye, I traced the typical Egyptian symbol, which I then outlined with gold eyeshadow. I finished this look with bronzer all over my face as to set my foundation (don’t forget to blend it all the way down your neck too!), and a thicker amount of bronzer underneath my cheekbones for contouring. I added some gold eyeshadow to my lips, and  my Cleopatra makeup was complete.

For the hair, I used my black wig (which was also used in my Morticia Addams look and Geisha look), and trimmed it to my liking.

Happy Halloween!

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13 Days of Halloween Makeup- Maleficent

Good evening all! In continuation to my series “13 Days of Halloween Makeup” is my Maleficent makeup. I created the horns a few days ago, and I must warn you, I made them WAY TOO BIG! By the time I realized, it was too late the start over. Lesson learned, I will compare the proportion as I go. I used this tutorial for the horns.

FullSizeRender 158

FullSizeRender 161

Time: 30 minutes + 30 minutes (horns)

Difficulty: 3/10

As the base for my makeup, I used a lighter shade of foundation, and set it with  a translucent white powder. Next, I filled in my eyebrows with a dark brown eyeshadow and made them more square and pointy then usual. This helps to accentuate Maleficent’s diamond face shape. Then, I did a smokey eye using pearl white, light green, and dark brown eyeshadow. I applied mascara to my eyelashes and then some eyeliner above my upper lashes. Afterwards, I contoured the sides of my nose and my cheekbones with a medium brown eyeshadow. Maleficent has very aquiline features, and my goal was to accentuate my cheekbones as much as possible, using a curved motion. I finished this look with a red lip and a triangle below my hair line, using dark brown and black eyeshadow (any colour that matches your hair colour). The triangle is not a necessity, thus I could of also done this look without it.

Happy Halloween!

13 Days of Halloween Makeup

13 Days of Halloween Makeup- Mermaid

Hello everyone! My next look in the series “13 Days of Halloween Makeup” is that of a mermaid! I was extremely excited to explore the concept of scales and making my very first mermaid crown!

FullSizeRender 137

FullSizeRender 153FullSizeRender 132

Time: 30 minutes + 30 minutes (crown)

Difficulty: 5/10

I made my crown earlier today, and used a combination of sea shells, pearls, and gemstones to create such an imaginative and dreamy prop. For the makeup, I used a light shade of foundation. After determining that my desired colour palette would consist of a pacific blue and a shimmery aquamarine, I moved on to the eyes. I did a typical smoky eyes, covering my whole lids my aquamarine, which gradated into pacific blue. I added a pearl white to the inner corners and just under my brow bones for highlight. I then continued the aquamarine underneath my lower lash line. I lined my upper waterline with a black eyeliner pencil, and added an adhesive gemstone in the inner corners of my eyes as ornamentation. Next, I used a fishnet plastic wrap (this can easily be found around wine bottles), and held it in place on the desired areas of my face. I patted down the aquamarine and pacific blue eyeshadows, as to imprint this intricate pattern on my skin. Be sure not to sweep your brush as pigment could get under the plastic mesh. Just pat you brush perpendicularly to the surface of the skin. I finalized this look my adding the same two eyeshadows colours to my lips, without following their natural shapes as to make it seem smeared by water.

I hope you enjoy this makeup look as much as I do!

13 Days of Halloween Makeup

13 Days of Halloween Makeup- Geisha

Hello all! My next makeup look in the series “13 Days of Halloween Makeup” is that of a geisha. Traditionally, a geisha is a Japanese hostess trained in conversation, dance, and song. I have always been intrigued by different cultures, hence the opportunity to learn about Japan and to be able to fuel my creative outlet was irresistible.

FullSizeRender 127

Time: 60 minutes

Difficulty: 4/10

This makeup is generally simple, however I had a lot of difficulty with the application of the white face paint. It never seemed to stay opaque and did not set properly when it dried. After approximately 30 minutes of that, I was finally able to move on to the rest of the face. I noticed that a geisha’s makeup always looks “painted on”, and so I “drew” on my eyebrows with black eyeshadow. Next, I used a bright pink eyeshadow on my eyelids, which I blended towards the sides of my face. Subsequently, I applied eyeliner to my top lid, and dragged it outwards, as to flatten the shape of my eyes. Finally, I used red lipstick on only the middle of my lips, as done on geishas.

I completed this look with my black wig. I attempted to pin it up to create the typical geisha hairdo, which proved to be challenging. I then inserted some flowers in the hairdo, which is a common accessory in Japanese culture.

I hope you all have a nice week:)

13 Days of Halloween Makeup

13 Days of Halloween Makeup- Masquerade

Hello again! Up next in the “13 Days of Halloween Makeup” is my masquerade look! Every since I was little, I have always fantasized about masquerade balls. I admired the beautiful costumes, the elegant black and gold colour-schemes, the gothic ambiance, and the mysterious masks. I sometimes wish I could go to Venice and experience the Carnevale di Venezia first-hand…maybe one day…

FullSizeRender 120FullSizeRender 121

Time: 15-30 minutes

Difficulty: 1/10

This look is very simple and can be recreated in no time (practical for those last minute Halloween costumes!). To start off, I used a white face paint and a translucent white powder as a base. In substitution, you could also use a very light shade of foundation. Then, I put the mask on, and just outlined the shape of the eye holes using black eyeshadow. After removing the mask, I filled in that eye shape with more eyeshadow, and added mascara and eyeliner. Afterwards, I contoured my cheekbones with dark brown, almost black eyeshadow, and filled in my lips with liquid eyeliner. I tied my hair back, threw on my mask, and was good to go!

Masquerade masks are very popular this time of year, and are easy to find in Halloween stores (I purchased mine at Dollarama for only a few dollars!).



13 Days of Halloween Makeup-Harlequin

Hello! I hope you are having pleasant weekend! My next look in the series “13 Days of Halloween Makeup” is that of a harlequin. These characters who were once jesters in traditional theatrical entertainment are now represented as evil and machiavellian beings.




Time: 45 minutes

Difficulty: 3/10

This look can be divided into three major steps. First, I used white face paint and translucent white powder as the base, in order to create a very pale complexion. Second, I did a smokey eye makeup using silver and black eyeshadow. Moreover, I used liquid eyeliner and mascara to complete the eyes, and black eyeshadow to fill in my brows. Furthermore, I applied a dark brown, almost black eyeshadow under my cheekbones for contouring. Lastly, I used liquid eyeliner to create the black shapes around my eyes, my nose, and my mouth. I overdrew my lips and added more curvature to mimic the devious  and cunning grin found on most harlequins. Once dry, I outlined the four triangles with the same silver eyeshadow I had previously used on my eyes. This makeup look is mostly straightforward and can be varied with numerous colours and diamond patterns. Have fun with it!

What has been your favourite look so far? Let me know down below:)


13 Days of Halloween Makeup-Morticia Addams

Hello everyone! In continuation to my “13 Days of Halloween Makeup” series, I have done a look for Morticia Addams. She is a character in the Halloween movie “The Addams Family”, and proves to be a favourite with her gothic elegance and timeless beauty. Click here for more information regarding Morticia Addams.


FullSizeRender 113

FullSizeRender 114

Time: 60 minutes

Difficulty: 3/10

In this look, I used white face paint and a translucent white powder as the base, which was blended down to my collar bone. Morticia has a very pale complexion, and I do not, so I had to use almost three coats of white face paint to lighten my skin. I did not make the paint opaque on my skin, but rather translucent in order to create a more natural look. Moreover, I found this a little challenging. Unlike foundation, where I can just rub it into my skin, I had to use my finger to dab the paint onto my skin. This was a result of trial and error, and was quite time consuming. Next, I filled in my brows with black eyeshadow, and exaggerated the arched brow shape. Then, I proceeded to the eye makeup. I used a light silver eyeshadow blended all over my lids. Then, I used a darker silver in my crease, and blended upwards. Finally I used a black eyeshadow in my crease and blended towards the outer corner of my eyes. To finish to eyes, I applied mascara and some eyeliner. Afterwards, I started contouring my face. Morticia has very aquiline features, and so I focused on my cheekbones and the sides of my nose. Instead of using bronzer, like I typically do, I used a dark brown, almost black eyeshadow. I concluded this look with a red lip and a black wig.

Hope you enjoyed Morticia Addams’ makeup look!


13 Days of Halloween Makeup- Broken Pumpkin

Hello all! Today I am sharing with you my fourth look in my series “13 Days of Halloween Makeup”. As much as I like to think outside the box for makeup and costumes, sometimes it is nice to go with a look that already belongs with the theme. In this case, that of a broken pumpkin is easy and definitely goes with Halloween.

FullSizeRender 109

FullSizeRender 102

FullSizeRender 108

Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: 1.5/10

For the normal side of my face, I just did my regular makeup. For the pumpkin side, I used bronzer, shimmery orange eyeshadow, dark brown eyeshadow, black eyeshadow, and lots of liquid eyeliner. First, I made my right eyebrow “disappear”, using a glue stick, powder, and foundation (click here for the tutorial I used). Once my eyebrow was dry, I started off by covering half my face with bronzer. I applied a thick amount to really bring out the orange tint. Next, I used a shimmery orange eyeshadow and create lines where I wanted to make the dark creases of the pumpkin. Ultimately, this just adds more dimensions to the final look. Next, using my dark brown eyeshadow, I made a blended line above the orange lines I had previously made. Next, I drew a thin line using black eyeshadow over that. Next, I took a wet Q-tip and outlined the shape of the broken pumpkin. The trick is to do many edges in all directions, to imitate where the pumpkin would break off. Then, I traced that edge with my liquid eyeliner. Once dry, I created a shadow of this outline using the same dark brown eyeshadow as before. I followed this inside of this outline and blended the colour. This adds dimension and depth. The final step in the makeup look is to use liquid eyeliner to outline and fill a carved mouth, nose, and eye. I also traced some eyeliner onto my “normal” side, to imitate cracks and crevices.

Please comment down below! I would love to hear your feedback:)



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13 Days of Halloween Makeup-Leopard

Hello everyone! I am back with my third look in my series “13 Days of Halloween Makeup”! I was very excited to do this particular look because I have never attempted drawing leopard spots (they look so hard to do, but are actually very simple!) and leopards are actually my favourite animals!

FullSizeRender 97

FullSizeRender 89

FullSizeRender 91

FullSizeRender 87

Time: 45-6- minutes

Difficulty: 4/10

For this look, I used 4 different shades of eyeshadow, lots of liquid eyeliner, white face paint, and translucent white setting powder.

I started off with my normal makeup, which include mascara, eyebrow pencil, foundation, and bronzer for contouring. Next, I filled my lids with dark brown eyeshadow, which I then blended upwards, above my crease with a lighter brown eyeshadow. I blended this colour to the insides of my eyes, then down the sides of my nose. I later used this same brown colour to further contour my cheekbones. I then used my white face paint and created to winged sections under my eyes, a band across the width of my nose, and from my nose to my chin, to create a snout-like area. It was a little challenging spreading it evenly and consistently. Also, for the white under my eyes, once it dried, I used a wet Q-tip to define the shape.  Once dry, I set the paint with a translucent, white power. Now comes the amusing part. I used eyeliner to line my top lashes and along the bottom of the white under my eyes. Afterwards, I coloured the tip of my nose with the eye liner, and dragged a line from under my nostrils to my top lip. Lastly, I filled in my top lip. The last step of this look is the spots. With my liquid eyeliner applicator, I made spots in a C-shaped manner. The trick is to have fun with them, add thickness and curves in your lines, and try not to be too precise. I made smaller spots near my “snout” and in between my eyebrows. It is very subtle, however I filled in the spots with a nude eye shadow colour to create dimension. I finished with little dots along my upper lip to imitate whiskers.

I finalized this look with two buns, one on each side of my head, to emulate a leopard’s ears.

Hope you enjoy! Leave me your thoughts down below:)


13 Days of Halloween Makeup-Arabian Nights

Hello again! In continuation to my series “13 Days of Halloween Makeup”, I have my second look completed; Arabian Nights. My inspiration for this look actually came from a very well-know Christmas ballet: The Nutcracker. So many of us are enraptured by the love story between Clara and the Nutcracker, but not many know the original ballet by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Clara does receive a nutcracker for Christmas, and she does end up in the Land of Sweets, but she also encounters all the different inhabitants of that magical kingdom, including Spanish dancers, Arabian dancers (see music below), Chinese dancers, Russian dancers, Danish shepherdesses, and so on. Furthermore, I have always been captivated by the beautiful eye makeup done by Arab women. It is truly an art form in its own.

FullSizeRender 81

FullSizeRender 80

FullSizeRender 79

Time: 45-60 minutes

Difficulty: 3/10

For this makeup look, I started with the eyes. Since numerous women in the Arab community wear a Niqab, the only part of the face is the eyes, which is usually accented with different colours to make them stand out. I used five different eye shadow colours. I started with a light pink blended all over my lids. Then, I used a dark plum in my crease, blending it up to create dimension. Afterwards, I used a bright pink colour between my crease and brow bone, and in the inner corner of my lids. Next, I used a black eye shadow which I used around my eyes, following the lash line. I then used more of the same dark plum shadow and blended it outwards and underneath my lower lash line. My lower lash line is a gradient starting from black, to dark plum, and then to the bright pink again. Finally, I used a shimmery pearl white shadow in the inner corners of my eyes.

After the eyeshadow was complete, I used an eye liner pencil to line my water lines. This gives the illusion of thinker lashes. I then used a liquid eyeliner to line both lash lines, which merged together in a peak in the inner corners of my eyes.

For my brows, I filled them in with a brow pencil and black eye shadow in order to get a fuller, darker brow, as seen in the Arab community.

I ended this makeup look with a dark shade of foundation and bronzer, to imitate their golden skin.

I hope you enjoyed this look! Next one is coming out soon, so stay tuned:)



Bright-Coloured Fall Fashion

Hello everyone! Fall is definitely upon us, and now is the time to bring out our cozy sweaters and cute boots to brave the upcoming cold. However, even with the temperatures dropping, I still like to wear some of my favourite summer clothing, layered with a cardigan for warmth. Below, I am wearing a hot pink, short-sleeve blouse that I paired with a black cardigan. Although I really love autumn colours, such as wine and camel, I still like bringing some bright colours to my fall outfits.

FullSizeRender 58

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13 Days of Halloween Makeup – Lion

Hello everyone! October is upon us and is it the time of year in which we start planning for Halloween. The ambience is filled with scary decorations, candy, pumpkin carving, horror movies, but my favourite part is all the halloween makeup ideas! I have always loved experimenting with my makeup and this is one of the only times during the year that I can let my creativity go wild! It is with that in mind that I am starting a series of posts called “13 Days of Halloween Makeup”. I will be posting 13 different makeup looks for Halloween, with a brief description of each.

My first Halloween Makeup is of a lion. Given that my zodiac is a leo, and even though I do not believe in astrological myths, I do have to admit that my personality is an exact match to the traits of a leo. I am kind, big-hearted, optimistic, definitely straightforward, loyal, headstrong (everyone would agree), egotistic, dominating, and yes, at times, arrogant. With all that aside, I was extremely excited to do this look, because I have always felt that my “spirit animal”, (again, very skeptical of this superstition) would be a lion.

FullSizeRender 45.jpg

FullSizeRender 40

FullSizeRender 43FullSizeRender 47

Time: 30-45 minutes

Difficulty: 2/10

For this look, I focused a lot on the eyes. They have to imitate the piercing eyes of a lion, and capture the gold flakes in the iris and the black outline around the eyes. I also did some contouring with a dark brown powder along my cheekbones, underneath my cheek apples, and along my nose. The last step is adding the black eye liner in the inner corners of the eyes and dragging it down to make that peek, on the nose, and on the upper lip. To conceal my bottom lip, I just used foundation and added some nude eye shadow and bronzer to match it as closely as possible to my skin tone. My hair is naturally curly and pouffy, so this hairdo was not very difficult. I simply teased my roots and added hairspray to hold everything together to mirror a lion’s mane. I did add some glittery gold eyeshadow to my roots and at the top of my forehead to add a bit of glam. However, it is very subtle because of how small the flecks of gold eyeshadow are.

I really enjoyed this look and hope you did too! I am excited to share with you my next look, however it is a surprise. So, until next time!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope this holiday has been filled with love, happiness, and lots of stuffing (so yummy!!!)! Thanksgiving originally was the time of year where people would harvest their crops before the long harsh winter ahead. It was a time when they would give thanks to God for blessing them with food and life. Today, we still celebrate this holiday and although most of us no longer harvest crops, we still take this time to be thankful. Today, our lives are so fast-paced and hectic that we often forget our blessings and do not take the time to appreciate them. Well, today we do. I am blessed with a loving family, in which my parents are very supportive and my brothers are loving (albeit annoying most of the time haha). I have a welcoming home, I always have a hot meal on the table, and I have the opportunity to pursue higher education. Although these may seem like ordinary things, not everyone in the world is as fortunate to have them. So to everyone reading this, I wish you all a safe holiday full of warmth and joy!

FullSizeRender 38

FullSizeRender 37



Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and between turkey diners and numerous family gatherings, it can be challenging trying to find that perfect outfit. Below I have shared with you three easy outfit ideas that are great for this autumn holiday.


One can never go wrong with a little black dress. I especially love the bell sleeves on this one, which is a major fashion trend this fall. I paired this dress with a pearl necklace, however it can effortlessly be dressed up or down with your preferred accessories.

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I absolutely adore this dress for autumn! The colour is a rich burgundy that brings out the gold in my hair and reminds me of red leaves falling from the trees, littering the sidewalks.

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I really love this dress for the holidays, whether it be Thanksgiving or Christmas (which is less than three months away!!!). This rich purple tone brings warmth and liveliness to this dress. Again, the bell sleeves make an appearance and truly add detail to this look.

Shop this look: dress

I hope these outfit ideas were helpful and I wish you all a safe Thanksgiving holiday filled with love and joy!

Insta Recaps

Instagram Recap: September 2017

Hello my lovelies! September was the second month that my Instagram account has been running, and it has been going so much better than expected! This past month, my followers increased by approximately 1000%!!! So incredible! I am so thankful for all the love and support you have all shown me, and have demonstrated that my work actually is valued! So, today I would like to share with you a recapitulation of my Instagram account for the month of September.

I just wanted to clarify that for the first two weeks of September, I was very inactive due to back to school craziness and a brand new schedule from work. Sorry about that! After managing all of that, I started posting my pictures again.


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Based on this picture, I am sure you can all see my love for black leather bags, particularly black leather totes. I think they are just so versatile and can be used in almost any outfit. To merge my love of fashion with a tight student budget, I try to kill two birds with one stone. When buying a purse, I look for one that is large enough to fit my Mac and some school supplies.


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I truly admire this picture because it is so unexpected but captures an artistic beauty of something as simple as sleeves. I think that sleeves definitely are an important part of an outfit. They are so often disregarded, but can very easily dress up a look in a subtle manner.


Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a great day 🙂