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Favourite Items From Aritzia Sale!

DEXTER PANT - Cropped dress pant with side stripe

Babaton Dexter Pant in Lillooet/Espace

Original price: $148

Sale price: $73.99

ADIDAS TIGHTS - Mid-rise, workout leggings

Adidas Tights in black

Original price: $50

Sale price: $24.99

TREFOIL TIGHT - Mid-rise, workout leggings

Adidas Trefoil Tight in black

Original price: $50

Sale price: $30

THE YOKO SHORT - Fitted Denim Cut-Off Shorts

Denim Forum The Yoko Short in black

Original price: $88

Sale price: $80

GÉLAS SHORT - High-Waisted Paperbag Shorts

Wilfred Gélas Short in classic navy

Original price: $98

Sale price: $58

3-STRIPES LEGGING - Mid-rise workout legging

Adidas 3-Stripes Legging in black

Original price: $45

Sale price: $30

LOIRET CORSET - Sweetheart Neckline Corset Top

Wilfred Loiret Corset in oak

Original price: $85

Sale price: $50

SARIAH TOP - Cropped, linen bustier top

Wilfred Sariah Top in tawny orange

Original price: $78

Sale price: $38.99

THE NIAH WESTERN - Button-down denim shirt

Denim Forum The Niah Western in tequila a go-go

Original price: $98

Sale price: $48.99

THE PERFECT HOODIE - Classic pullover hoodie

TNA The Perfect Hoodie in rose frost

Original price: $70

Sale price: $48

ESSAMBA TUBE TOP - Cropped, knit tube top

Babaton Essamba Tube Top in white

Original price: $48

Sale price: $40

ESSAMBA TUBE TOP - Cropped, knit tube top

Babaton Essamba Tube Top in lillooet

Original price: $48

Sale price: $40


Adidas Cropped Hoodie in black

Original price: $80

Sale price: $55

SUPERSTAR TRACK TOP - Classic track jacket

Adidas Superstar Track Top in black

Original price: $95

Sale price: $47.50


Wilfred Free Cut Off Denim Skirt in medium wash

Original price: $80

Sale price: $55

HAMPTONS STRAW HAT - Wide-brim straw hat

Auxiliary Hamptons Straw Hat in natural

Original price: $38

Sale price: $30

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Budget-Friendly Easter Dresses

Image 1 of BELTED KNIT DRESS from Zara

Zara Belted Knit Dress – $49.90

Image 1 of FLORAL PRINT DRESS from Zara

Zara Floral Print Dress – $49.90


Zara Contrasting Lace Dress – $45.90

Image 2 of WRINKLED DRESS from Zara

Zara Wrinkled Dress – $49.90

Image 1 of BELTED DENIM DRESS from Zara

Zara Belted Denim Dress in pale pink – $49.90

Image 2 of FLORAL PRINT DRESS from Zara

Zara Floral Print Dress – $79.90

Image 1 of LINEN DRESS from Zara

Zara Linen Dress – $49.90


Zara Belted Dress With Pockets – $49.90

Image 3 of BUTTONED DRESS from Zara

Zara Buttoned Dress – $49.90

Cotton button-down shirtdress with sash

RW&Co Cotton Button-Down Shirtdress With Sash – $89.90

Denim shirtdress

RW&Co Denim Shirtdress in light denim – $89.90

ASTR THE LABEL Lace Midi Dress, Main, color, LILAC

ASTR the Label Lace Midi Dress – $124.79 + 9 other colours

ALL IN FAVOR Isabella Wrap Dress, Main, color, YELLOW FLORAL

All in Favour Isabella Wrap Dress – $68.70

ELIZA J Lace Fit & Flare Dress, Main, color, BLUSH

Eliza J Lace Fit & Flare Dress – on sale for $131.77

VINCE CAMUTO Blossoms Tiered Ruffle Midi Dress, Main, color, FRESH LILAC

Vince Camuto Blossoms Tiered Ruffle Midi Dress – on sale for $133.76

VINCE CAMUTO Kors Crepe Shift Dress, Main, color, LILAC

Vince Camuto Kors Crepe Shift Dress – on sale for $82.70

SPEECHLESS Scuba Skater Dress, Main, color, DUSTY ROSE

Speechless Scuba Skater Dress – $82.72

LULUS Lace Cocktail Dress, Main, color, BLUSH

Lulus Lace Cocktail Dress – $124.79

BB DAKOTA Cara High Neck Lace Cocktail Dress, Main, color, LAVENDER

BB Dakota Cara High Neck Lace Cocktail Dress – $137.40

Dynamite Linen Cami Dress – $54.95

Dynamite Square Neck Cami Dress – $54.95

Dynamite Wrap Maxi Dress – $59.95

Dynamite Cami Fit & Flare Dress – $44.95

Dynamite Sleeveless Shirt Dress – $44.95

Dynamite Sleeveless Shirt Dress – $44.95

Dynamite Bodycon Dress With Front Twist – $49.95

Dynamite Maxi Cami Dress – on sale for $25

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Money Saving Beauty Tips and Tricks

As much as I love beauty products and playing around with makeup, it is not the cheapest of pass times. Over the years, I have developed a few beauty tips and tricks that not only save time but money as well; both of which are precious to a university student on a budget.

IMG_4897 2

Use lotion as makeup remover. I usually remove most of my makeup in the shower with soap and water. However, when I get out of my shower, there always tends to be makeup left over around my eye area, since I do not like scrubbing soap too close to my eyes. So, I apply lotion all over my face, and with a Q-tip, I clean any residue from around my eyes. Not only is my face fresh and clean, but moisturized as well! Any lotion works for this, but my favourite is THIS ONE.

Use body soap/shampoo instead of shaving cream. Having to buy shaving cream is a waste of time and money. Not only do I have to look for an extra product, but I am paying for something that can exclusively only be used for shaving. Replacing it with soap or shampoo serves the same purpose: to create a slippery texture on your skin so that the razor will glide and catch the hairs. Conditioner can be used as well, but I find conditioner too expensive and precious to waste on hair removal.

Use a men’s razor for a closer and smoother shave. Men’s razors are designed for coarser and thicker hair removal, and shave much better than a women’s razor. They still have the same features, including the lubricating strip, finer and thinner blades for less tug and pull, and a rotating axis to get those hard to reach places (ex: behind the knees). Even better, they are cheaper too!


Use bronzer as a substitute for eyeshadow. Bronzer is a highly pigmented product that comes in different finishes, such as matte, shimmer, frost, pearl, and cream. Since it is used on the face for contouring and is a product that is meant to be blended, it can alternatively be used as eyeshadow for the eye lids. It creates such a deep warm colour and blends really well. Not only am I saving time looking for eye shadows, but I am also putting money into a single multi-purpose product.

Use lotion instead of a face primer. Being on a tight budget, I could never justify spending so much money on a primer that you would not even see on my skin. However, I knew I needed some kind of base for my makeup to stay on properly. Lotion not only moisturizes your skin, but helps the makeup to stick to your face for a longer-lasting look. My whole life I thought I was the only one who did this, but I found out this year that James Charles (amazing makeup artist!) does this too! Again, I use THIS lotion.


Use shampoo to clean makeup brushes. Shampoo is meant to remove excess oils and grim from your hair, while still be gentle as to not irritate the skin. It also helps with hair luster and manageability. The best makeup brushes are made with natural hair, as they move freely, allowing you to pick up enough product and blend it in nicely. They create a better application and are more durable than synthetic brushes. Cleaning them with shampoo will give those hairs the same benefits as with your own hair, and still really removes any excess makeup from them, leaving them squeaky clean!

Buy in bulk. Definitely my favourite method of saving money. I typically only make purchases if the item is on sale. If I know it is a product I will be using long-term or is one that I really like, I will buy a larger quantity of that discount item. It may seem like  more work and you will for sure use up more storage, but you end up saving a lot of money in the long run. Moreover, if you are shopping online, buying in bulk almost always qualifies you for free shipping! It is a win-win!



Minimalist French Style Bedroom Decor

I believe that the decor that makes up a bedroom has to be one’s sanctuary and has to reflect that person’s character. I have always liked a more minimalist and clutter-free decor, with a touch of romantic ornamentation. In my bedroom, it is not done in a suffocating manner, but rather in the little details of the main pieces of furniture. For example, the lamp and mirror are decorated with an intricate design that is subtle but luxurious. My bed frame is adorned with bay leaves, and the bed posts have detailed wood work.  This creates a classic, château decor style that never goes out of style. To personalize it further, I have added a couple features that emanate French Parisian style, as inspired by my Parisian Glam Room Decor post. When I wrote this post last year, this is what I had in mind for my bedroom. This particular style is seen by:

  • Decorative boxes. They are my go-to storage solution that double as accent pieces throughout the room. I purchase mine at Michael’s Craft Store, where you can find so many different colour palettes and designs for your own personal taste.
  • Chair. Mine is of Louis XV influence, with a rounded seat back, featuring a curved wood frame and carved decorations. In addition, the chair legs are curved in an ‘s’ shape for added romance and sensuality. The seat is also covered in a brocade-patterned fabric, which further adds elegance and luxury to the room.
  • Rococo mirror. An elaborate ornamental style of motifs, flowers, and leaves. Since it is all in the same metal tone, it is subtle, but exudes a luxurious, romantic flair.
  • Fluffy pillow. This was one of my Christmas presents this year, one of which I was so eager to add to my room! This one is made from natural wool, and was actually purchased at Costco for a really affordable price. I like how the fibres are not all equal and perfect; the voluminous curly strands, each unique, adds amusement, comfort, and repose to the room. Also, notice the pink tone; it is not a stuffy candy pink. It is more of a light pink with peach undertones, almost a very light salmon pink. In french decor, this pink tone is what is more often used. It looks natural rather than artificial and fake.
  •  Writing desk. Just like with the bed, the wood work is very unique and beautiful, without being too overbearing. It is a classic piece that can be used for almost any room, such as a male bedroom, office, library, or hallway. Instead of being a very bold and attention-seeking piece, it shows quality, and the finer details add embellishment to the room.
  • Painting. Keeping with the pink tones, the painting adds that individualized touch that would otherwise be missing from the space. It is of personal preference, so find something that speaks to you!

Aside from these, the rest of the room is in light tones as to maximize the brightness and airiness. The walls are painted with an off-white French blue. The bed cover, sheets, and curtains are all white, as to create that sleek look. I find that with all the embellished details of the furniture, adding a colourful and patterned bedspread and window treatments would be too intense. In addition, the handmade wooden bookshelf is painted in a light cream colour; I believe that if it were painted pure white, it would look cheaper and would resemble plastic instead of solid wood.

As for my shoe shelves, I have a built-in closet organizer, which was a Christmas gift from two years ago. This is the one I have installed, and cannot image my life without it. I am very keen on being organized, and I definitely like this system for a smaller closet space!

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Shopbop Sale Favourites

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.23.55 PM.png

Sale Guide

Use code GOBIG19 for:

15% off $200+

20% off $500+

25% off $800+

1. Acne Studio Velocity Shearling Moto Jacket

2. Valentina Shah Amanda Blazer

3. Astr the Label Brooklyn Jacket

4. Lioness Palermo Jacket

5. Soia & Kyo Brit Jacket

6. Ray-Ban Classic Mirror Aviators

7. Stuart Weitzman Nearlynude Sandals

8. Mackage Lucille Leather Skirt

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Spend Smart With These Valentine’s Day Sales!

Nordstrom Rack– Joie up to 70% off // Curent/Elliott up to 65% off // pumps up to 60% off // Ted Baker London up to 50% off

Aldo– 20% off $100+ + free shipping on $70+

Sephora– 4x the points on fragrance

Saks Fifth Avenue– up to 75% off designer selections // free duties + free shipping $100CAD+

Saks Off Fifth– up to 70% off

Le Château– enter V-Day contest for a chance to win $250

Karl Lagerfeld– free shipping $150+

American Eagle– online only: 25-60% off everything // free shipping

RW&Co– leggings 2 for $45.90 each // tops 2 for $39.90 each // get $50 in RW&Co money for every $50 dollars you spend // free shipping $120+

La Vie En Rose– free shipping on all regular priced swimwear // heart pillows buy 1 get 2 free // free shipping $50+

La Senza– Bras 40% off // lingerie + kimono + hosiery set for $95 // Remix bras 2 for $32.95 // Remix panties 7 for $29.95

Victoria’s Secret– free shipping on $100USD // panties 10 for $35USD // beauty bags buy 1 get 1 free // The Mist Collection, Rollerballs, & Mini Mists for $6 // small backpacks for $35USD // free slides with $50USD Pink purchase // free slides + travel duffel bag with $100USD Pink purchase // Pink panties 10 for $35USD // Pink Mini Mist for $5USD // Pink Mists & Bodycare for $7USD // Pink sport bras for $10.95USD // Pink long sleeve waffle tee + high waisted leggings for $39.95USD // Pink wash + lotion + mist + beauty bag for $32.50 // Pink wash + lotion or scrub + face mask + beauty bag for $14.50USD

Lily Silk– up to 90% off // buy 2 get 1 free on selected items // $10 off $250+ / $20 off $500+ // sweaters buy 1 get 1 50% off // silk PJs up to 30% off // silk pillowcases buy 1 get 1 40% off // clothing buy 1 get 1 20% off selected items // silk bedding sets $10 off $500+ // silk duvets up to 30% off

Hudson’s Bay– extra 15% off & 10% off selected home items with code EXTRA // intimates up to 25% off

H&M– 14% off + free shipping with code LOVE

Puma– free shipping

Cartier– free shipping

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End-of-Winter Season Sales!

Luisaviaroma– up to 70% off // free express shipping // free returns // imports fees included

Browns– up to 70% off // free shipping on $198+

Nordstrom Rack– dresses, sweaters, jeans, and boots up to 70% off

Aldo– up to 70% off // free shipping over $70+

Dynamite– 30% off selected dresses and jumpsuits // extra 30% off sale items // free shipping over $40

Saks Fifth Avenue– TODAY ONLY: spend $400 get $100 off, spend $800 get $200 off, spend $1200 get $300 off with code ILOVESAKS // free duties on all orders // free shipping over $100 CAD

Saks Off Fifth– Jeans buy 1 get 1 free with code BOGO // online only take an extra 20% off with code CONTEMP20 // up to 60% off jewelry // up to 80% off clearance // $199.99 suits for men with code 199SUIT // flat rate shipping of $15 CAD on $125 CAD+

Le Château– up to 60% off dresses, blazers & separates, jackets & coats // buy 2 tops for $15 each, for $25 each, or $30 each // 50% shoes & boots // jewelry buy 1 get 1 50% off // 50% off handbags // ties, bowties, pocket squares buy 1 get 1 50% off

American Eagle– 25%-60% off all AE jeans and joggers // all tees  starting at $15 // 50% off aerie bikini bottoms

Shopbop– 70% off final sale

Neman Marcus– up to 70% off cashmere

RW&Co– up to 70% off // free shipping over $120

La Vie En Rose– up to 70% off // free shipping on $50+

La Senza– Bras 40% off // lingerie up to 70% off // free shipping $75+

Victoria’s Secret– free shipping on $50 USD with code SHIP50VS

Lily Silk– 5$ off every $250 // buy 1 get 1 20% off selected items // up to 90% off clearance sale // free shipping over $45

Hudson’s Bay– 25% off selected styles // up to 25% off intimates // 50% off furniture // TODAY ONLY 75% off luggage // $50 off Nespresso machines // 25% off selected handbags

H&M– free shipping over $50 with code 0050

Calvin Klein– take 50% off sale items // free shipping on $99+

Adidas– extra 30% off outlet items // free shipping over $50

Puma– free shipping

Cartier– free shipping

Danier– up to 60% off

Melanie Lyne– free shipping $150+ // up to 50% off

Laura– free shipping $150+ // up to 50% off

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My Favourite Shopping App!

Hello dears! Before we get started with today’s post, I just wanted to apologize for the lack of content recently. I have been SUPER busy with midterms, work, and just life in general. More to come about that later.

For the past couple of months, I have been using the Shoptagr program on my browser. It is a browser application with which you save items (basically a massive wishlist!). It organizes your products, and notifies you when they goes on sale, are about to sell out, or are back in stock. Moreover, they provide you with coupon codes that are not widely known to the public! I used to bookmark items in a wishlist folder, and would have to manually check every couple of days for sales. Using Shoptagr saves me so much time in my busy life, and is so much more convenient and efficient.

Here’s a sneak peak to a few of my wishlist items.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 11.43.09 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-07 at 11.44.37 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-07 at 11.43.30 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-07 at 11.44.27 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-07 at 11.43.40 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-07 at 11.44.57 PM


This post is not sponsored in any way, I thought I would just share it with you since it has changed my life for the better!

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OOTD: Black and Camel Luxe

Shop this look: Danier coat (oos; similar here + on sale!) | Chanel Fall 2017 limited edition bag | Karl Lagerfeld Paris silk scarf (oos; similar here + on sale!) | Chanel brooch | Zara cap | Sam Edelman leopard heels

This outfit is definitely a classic when it comes to Fall and Winter fashion! I received this coat as an early Christmas present, and love it! I have been looking for the perfect one for years, and am so happy I finally have a camel-coloured wool coat! I had a few questions about why I would spend (in this case why Santa 😉 would spend) so much money one a single coat, when I could just get a one for less. Here is the answer: I believe in buying higher quality clothing items for more, that I can wear for 10+ years. As much as I appreciate budget-friendly stores, like Zara for example, continuously buying clothes that are of lower quality and are less expensive ends up costing you more in the long run. Not only is this a huge waste of money, but it is a waste of time (going out shopping and looking for replacement clothes) and it is not ecologically friendly. Clothing that you buy for a reduced priced that are cheap can only be worn a limited number of time before they stretch, fade, and unstitch, and end up in the garbage.

Obviously, being a university student is expensive, and I do not have that much money that I can spend for shopping and fashion. The way I approach shopping is by buying very infrequently and purchasing higher quality items that will last longer. I think I go shopping maybe three times a year, excluding when I find something at Costco. With Costco, they can have some pretty good items, even low-end designer items such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, for AMAZING prices! When I see something, I cannot wait and come back later, as it usually sells out within a few days. When I do go shopping, I do a lot of window shopping and do not usually end up buying anything in stores. I try on pieces that I like, and those that are a success, I add them as a bookmark or add them to my Shoptagr app. When I see that item go on sale, and if I still want it, only then will I make a purchase. As for sales, if it is only 15% off, I do not purchase it. 15% covers the taxes you would be paying for the item, hence does not actually get you a discount on the item price. Therefore, I only take advantage of a sale when it is 20% off or more. I also have a great strategy for online shopping to avoid shipping fees and how to get really good discounts, as seen HERE.

Going back to the coat, it cost Santa* approximately $300, including tax, on sale. I intend on keeping my coat for at least 10 years, so the item cost per year is $30. A similar style coat at Zara goes for $150, and would probably only last me at most 4 years, so the item cost per year is $37.5. It may not look like a huge monetary difference, but it adds up. Moreover, after 4 years, I would have to go look for another coat, wasting time, energy, and more money. Not necessarily money on the coat itself, but gas money or shipping fees, and salary money you would be making if you were at work instead of being busy shopping.

Hope this gives you an insight as to how I shop and proves to be useful for you as well. Enjoy you weekend ❤

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Last Minute New Years Eve Dress Shopping (And They Are On Sale!)


1 Zara Multicolored Sequin Dress

2 Zara Sequin Dress

3 Zara Limited Edition Sequin Knit Dress

4 Zara Sequined Velvet Dress

5 Vince Camuto Sequin Dress

6 Cachet Velvet Bell Sleeve Dress

7 Adrianna Papell Floral Sequin Dress

8 Frank Lyman Velvet Lace Dress

9 Laura Floral Print Illusion Neck Dress

10 Laura Sleeveless Taffeta Dress

11 Laura Sequin Lace Fit & Flare Dress

12 Laura Scalloped Lace Jersey Dress

13 Marina Beaded Lace Dress

14 Laura Sequin Mesh Dress

15 Laura Bell Sleeve Sequin Dress

16 Laura Off The Shoulder Sequin Dress

17 Zuhair Murad Beaded Tulle Floral Gown

18 Temperley London Sequined Midi Dress

19 Amen Sequined Asymmetrical Mini Dress

20 RTA Sequined One Sleeve Dress

21 Jill Jill Stuart Pleated Metallic Dress

22 Ieena for Mac Duggal Plunging Sweetheart Neck Ballgown

23 Dress the Population Michelle Sequin Gown

24 Cinq à Sept Emmalyn Sequin Slipdress

25 Bronx and Banco Emmanuel One-Shoulder Party Dress

26 Alice + Olivia Inka Sequin Flora Dress

27 Jenny Yoo Dina V-Neck Satin Crepe Gown

28 Dress the Population Rani Open Back Sequin Dress

29 Alex Evenings Off Shoulder Velvet Gown

30 Vince Camuto Feather Detail Sequin Dress

31 Xscape Velvet Tulip Hem Gown

32 Dress the Population Zoe Sequin Minidress

33 Bardot Sequin Embellished Dress

34 Ali & Jay Sleeveless Velvet Faux Wrap Midi Dress

35 Eliza J Sequin Sheath Dress

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Boxing Day Sales To Shop!

Luisaviaroma– up to 70% off + free express shipping

Guess– 30-50% off + free shipping

Browns– up to 30% off + free shipping

Ssense– up to 70% off

Nordstrom– up to 50% off

Nordstrom Rack– up to 75% off

Boohoo– 60% off everything

Aldo– 50% off + free shipping

Dynamite– up to 70% off + free shipping $40+

Sephora– extra 20% off sale items with code TWENTYOFF

Saks Fifth Avenue– up to 70% off designer selections

Saks Off Fifth– extra 40% off clearance with code MERRY / extra 50% off cold-weather gear / up to 80% off cozy clothes / men’s suits at $199.99

Le Château– up to 70% off / shoes & boots 50% off / dresses up to 50% off / blazers & separates 50% off / jackets & coats 40% off

Karl Lagerfeld– up to 50% off

American Eagle– free $25 gift card on $75+ gift cards / 50% off clearance / use code NICELIST for $40 off $150+, $25 off $100+, $10 off $50+

Shopbop– Calvin Klein underwear sale

Neman Marcus– up to 55% off

RW&Co– up to 60% off

La Vie En Rose– 2 for 1 on selected merchandise

La Senza– SEMI ANNUAL CLEARANCE / 10 panties for $38 / bras starting at $8.99 / lingerie and sleep starting at $14.99

Victoria’s Secret– 30% off with code VS30GIFT / 7 panties for $28.50

Lily Silk– up to 90% off / buy 2 get 1 free on selected items / $10 off $250+ / $20 off $500+

Sam Edelman– use code SAMGLAM for 15% off $60+, 20% off $100+, 25% off $150+, 30% off $200+

Hudson’s Bay– up to 60% off women’s fashion / up to 60% off designer items / up to 55% off furniture / up to 50% off shoes

H&M– up to 60% off

Swarovski– up to 50% off

Calvin Klein– 30% off

Adidas– 40% off selected items

Puma– 20% off with code BOX20 + free shipping

Michael Kors– up to 50% off

Ted Baker– up to 50% off

Cartier– free shipping

Danier– up to 70% off

Melanie Lyne– 20% off + free shipping

Laura– 20% off + free shipping

Fashion · Money Saving Tips

Green Monday Savings! Today Only

Dynamite – 30% all orders until 12pm + free shipping on $25+

Hudson’s Bay – 40% apparel by Levi’s, Calvin Klein Jeans, Buffalo David Bitton and more

Lily Silk – up to 90% off // buy 3 pay for 2 // $10 off every $250

Guess – extra 10% off order + free tote with $150+

Browns – 50-70% off selected styles

RW&Co – 30% off regular-priced merchandise // 40% off dresses and jumpsuits

Allsaints – 30% off all coats and sweaters

Boohoo – 60% off everything

Aldo – 30% every $150 + free shipping $70+

Saks Off Fifth – up to 80% off // extra 50% off with code FRIENDS

Saks Fifth Avenue – up to 60% off

Karl Lagerfeld – up to 50% off

American Eagle – 30% off jeans and joggers (online only)

Neiman Marcus – extra 20% off sale items

La Senza – buy one PJ, get another for $1 // buy 3 panties, get 5 free // up to 50% entire purchase (with exclusions)

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Black Friday Sales You’ll Want To Shop!

Luisaviaroma– Extra 20% off sale items. Use code BF20 / 30% off of full price purchase of £300. Use code BF30

Guess– 40-50% off entire site + free shipping

Browns– up to 25% off

Allsaints– 30% off everything (except fragrances)

Ssense– up to 50% off

Nordstrom– up to 60% off

Nordstrom Rack– extra 30% off

Boohoo-50% off everything

Aldo Shoes– 50% off everything

Dynamite– 40% off everything (excludes clearance items)

Sephora– up to 50% off

Saks Fifth Avenue– up to 40% off / earn a $75 gift card with your $150 purchase. Use code THANKFUL

Saks Off Fifth– up to 90% off. Use code AMAZING

Le Château– 50% off your 2nd sweater / up to 50% on dresses, suiting separates, boots and shoes / pants 2 for $50/$60 / 30% off coats and jackets

Karl Lagerfeld– up to 50% off

American Eagle– 40% off + free shipping

Shopbop– up to 25% off regular priced items with code MORE18 and up to 75% off sale items

Farfetch– extra 20% off using code x20BF

East Dane– up to 25% the off regular priced items with code MORE18 and up to 75% off sale items

Neman Marcus– $50 off $200 with code THANKFUL

RW&Co– 40% off

La Vie En Rose– 2 for 1 on everything

La Senza– 50% off entire site

Victoria’s Secret-Free shipping on $50 + $10 off $100

Lily Silk– up to 90% off

Christmas Gift Guide · Fashion

2018 Christmas Gift Guide

2018 Christmas Gift Guide

1 Melanie Lyne Floral Crystal Pin

2 Melanie Lyne Faceted Crystal Bracelet

3 Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in Pirate

4 Balmain Double-Breasted Wool Blazer in black

5 Costco Marquise Cut Diamond Earrings

6 La Vie En Rose Flannel PJ Set (nutcracker print)

7 La Vie En Rose Flannel PJ Set (champagne print)

8 La Vie En Rose Flannel PJ Set (checkered print)

9 Lily Silk Bow-Tie Neck Silk Blouse in white (on sale!)

10 Tory Burch Brooke High Knee Boot (33% off!)

11 Guess Crystal Hinged Rhinestone Bangle

12 Guess Twisted Magnetic Bracelet

13 Guess Twisted Metal Cuff

14 Sam Edelman Hazel Pointed Toe Heel in dark cherry patent

15 Gucci GG Marmont Velvet Small Shoulder Bag

16 Zara Tuxedo Style Blazer

17 Lily Silk Sleek Puff Sleeve Silk Blouse (25% off!)

18 Aldo Froredia Over the Knee Boots in black

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Fall Fashion Dupes

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 8.24.49 PM.png

Guess Mia Logo Mini Crossbody ($80)

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis ($2370)

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 8.29.51 PM.png

Guess Reversible Quattro G Logo Belt ($45)

Gucci Leather Belt with Double G Buckle ($540)

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 8.37.24 PM.png

Zara Tweed Blazer With Buttons ($150)

Balmain Double-Breasted Tweed Blazer ($3250)

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 8.44.12 PM.png

Expression Adley Over-the-Knee Boots ($75 on sale!)

Stuart Weitzman The Tieland Boot ($800)

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 8.54.29 PM.png

Zara Chain Print Blouse ($80)

Versace Barocco SS’92 Print Silk Shirt ($1200)

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 9.07.02 PM.png

Zara Jogging Pants With Band ($40)

Gucci Technical Jersey Stirrup Legging With Crystals ($2620)

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 9.11.59 PM.png

Zara High-Waist Pants ($50)

Gucci Stretch Viscose Flare Pant ($1170)

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Designer Lookalikes For Less At Zara

Designer Lookalike: Chanel

Image 1 of TWEED NAUTICAL CAP from Zara

Zara Tweed Nautical Cap


Zara Tweed Blazer With Chains


Zara Textured Weave Blazer With Trim


Zara Plaid Fabric Crossbody Bag

Image 1 of CAPPED TOE BALLET FLATS from Zara

Zara Capped Toe Ballet Flats

Image 1 of QUILTED FLAT from Zara

Zara Quilted Flat

Image 1 of TWO-TONED BALLET FLATS from Zara

Zara Two-Toned Ballet Flats

Image 1 of SPARKLY CROSSBODY BAG from Zara

Zara Sparkly Crossbody Bag

Designer Lookalike: Gucci


Zara Chain Printed Shirt Dress

Image 9 of PRINTED SHIRT DRESS from Zara

Zara Printed Shirt Dress

Image 2 of CHAIN PRINT BOMBER from Zara

Zara Chain Print Bomber

Image 2 of CHAIN PRINT BLOUSE from Zara

Zara Chain Print Blouse

Image 1 of MINI DRESS WITH BOW from Zara

Zara Mini Dress With Bow

Image 5 of JOGGING PANTS WITH BAND from Zara

Zara Jogging Pants With Band

Image 2 of JOGGING PANTS from Zara

Zara Jogging Pants

Image 3 of PANTS WITH SIDE STRIPE from Zara

Zara Pants With Side Stripe

Image 1 of HIGH-WAIST PANTS from Zara

Zara High-Waist Pants

Image 3 of SLIPPERS from Zara

Zara Slippers


Zara Pleated Leopard Print Scarf

Designer Lookalike: Versace

Image 5 of CHAIN PRINT MIDI DRESS from Zara

Zara Chain Print Midi Dress

Image 7 of PATCHWORK CHAIN DRESS from Zara

Zara Patchwork Chain Dress

Image 2 of CHAIN PRINT BLOUSE from Zara

Zara Chain Print Blouse


Zara Chain Print Pleated Skirt

Image 2 of SKORT WITH CHAIN PRINT from Zara

Zara Sort With Chain Print

Image 1 of CHAIN PRINT TOP from Zara

Zara Chain Print Top

Image 9 of CHAIN PRINT MIDI DRESS from Zara

Zara Chain Print Midi Dress


Zara Crossbody Belt Bag With Lionhead Detail

Designer Lookalike: Balmain

Image 2 of SEQUIN SHORTS from Zara

Zara Sequin Shorts

Image 2 of FRINGED SEQUIN DRESS from Zara

Zara Fringed Sequin Dress


Zara Tweed Blazer With Buttons

Image 9 of FITTED SEQUIN DRESS from Zara

Zara Fitted Sequin Dress


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OOTD: Tan Mini

Shop this look: Le Château sweater (on sale!) | Zara skirt (oos; similar here) | Expression OTK boots (25% off!) | Zara handbag

I am absolutely obsessed with this Fall look! It has been a favourite of mine for years, and this year I finally purchased a tan suede mini skirt and OTK black suede boots. If you look at my Fall Fashion Pinterest board, this type of outfit appears very frequently haha.

This is such a fashionable look, and it is super affordable to recreate. Both the sweater and the boots are on sale right now, and the other two pieces are both under $45 each. An easy trick to buy nice pieces at a great price is buying outside of the season. Usually, Autumn clothing will be sold at a discount during off-seasons (Winter/Spring/Summer). I actually purchased the sweater and skirt this past Summer for an incredible price, since they were from Fall 2017/Winter 2018 collection. This is a good strategy for pieces that are repetitive from year to year. For example, tan suede mini skirts are sold every single year; they are a Fall wardrobe staple. However, if you are interested in buying an item that is very unique and you know will be out of style soon, this money-saving hack might not be the best idea as it will most likely sell-out fast and will not be restocked.

Lastly, let’s talk about the handbag. I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH IT. It is super stylish, and I am very satisfied with the quality. Also, it is a Versace look-alike, except instead of retailing for approximately $2000, it’s only $44.50. To add to its already awesome characteristics, it can be worn two ways; as a crossbody bag, or as a fanny pack, which we all know have been really in for the past two years. I honestly cannot express how happy I am to have received this bag (it was a gift from my mom, thanks mom❤️). All I can say is that it is very much on trend this season and it is going fast. So, if you have not gotten it yet, hurry!

As an end to this post, I just want to say thank you for all the love and support. It really means the world to me. Xox

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OOTD: Burgundy Knitwear


Shop this look: Hilary Radley sweater (oos; very similar here) | Calvin Klein Jeans jeggings (oos; similar here) | Michael Kors bag (“luggage” colour is oos) | Aldo booties (oos; different colour here)

I have owned this sweater for approximately four years, and to this day, it is still my all-time favourite knit sweater! It is super soft and is very durable, based on the number of times I have worn it. I basically live in it during the Fall. Funny enough, I purchased this sweater at Costco, for I think $25?!? I love going to Costco and finding really cute and fashionable clothes, and they are SUPER affordable! I have never seen such good prices. You can even find some designer clothing, such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger for a fraction of their retail price. Of course, if you are looking for the latest trends or clothes that are in for that season, you might have more luck at an actual retail location. Costco however has more classic and basic pieces that can be styled anytime.

I completed this look with brown leather tones. I find that browns paired with burgundies look AMAZING for Fall! Paired with black pants, in this case I wore black jeggings, really makes those tonalities pop!


Thanks for reading!

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OOTD: White Blouse & Jeans


Shop this look: Calvin Klein blouse (oos; black option) | Kensie jeans (oos; similar here) | Melanie Lyne screw and crystal bracelet | Civion arrow bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!) | Aldo booties (oos; similar here) | Michael Kors bag (colour “luggage” is no longer available)

A while back, I published a post entitled “My Go-To Outfit Formula For School“, in which I explained that the easiest and most diverse outfits arise from a blouse+jeans+tote combination. This outfit is a classic example of such. Pairing a blouse with jeans dresses it down for a casual, yet classy and stylish look. Conversely, it can be dressed up with dress pants or a pencil skirt for different purposes, for example business wear. I frequently invest in pieces like this blouse, purchasing it with the intent on making it last a long time and getting many uses out of it. Here is where most people make a mistake: they will purchase the lowest-priced item, which usually means the lowest quality item. I look for high quality items, more specifically high quality materials, fabrication, and cuts. For materials, I avoid anything that will fade out, such as cotton. I aim for polyester, and if your budget permits, silk is the best option. It keeps its colour, does not wrinkle, and does not contain static. For fabrication, I look at the seams and how the garment is put together, if it is symmetrical and even, and the stitch work. Lastly, in terms of cuts, I look for a classic shape that accentuates my figure; therefore a tailored waist, hemline ending at the groin, and sleeve length that fit my arms nicely. Depending on your body type, a garment that is not cinched at the waist will look like it does not fit you and will make you look bigger than you actually are. In addition, a garment that is too short will show skin and a garment that is longer than the groin will make your legs look shorter and your torso thicker. Of course, there are exceptions to this statement. For example, a crop top is worn with the intension of showing skin, and longer garments, such as tunic tops, can be worn longer with leggings to cover your behind. Furthermore, sleeves should be an appropriate length (full-length sleeves specifically). If the sleeves are too short, the item is too small and it will look distasteful. Similarly, sleeves that are too long (unless they are meant to be rolled), means that the garment is too large and again will look like you do not know how to dress for your body.

As seen in the pictures above, I like to do a front tuck with my blouse, so that my torso appears thinner and not as bulky, and so that my legs appear longer. Obviously there are numerous other ways one can style a blouse. I paired this look with booties and a tote bag, matching the brown leather throughout to create a sense of cohesiveness. I have mentioned before that I like to use tote bags in my outfits, mainly because they are large enough to use for school. It is spacious enough to be able to fit my Mac and other school supplies. Instead of purchasing shoulder bags or cross-body bags AND a school bag, I kill two birds with one stone by only purchasing one item with a dual purpose. This is a great way of saving money if you are still a student and don’t have much financial liberty.

*Please note that these are just my personal opinions and style tricks I have picked up over the years.

Have a lovely day ❤

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Labour Day Sales!

Melanie Lyne – 20% off + free shipping

Laura – 20% off + free shipping

RW&Co – 40% off tops + free shipping

Dynamite – online only 25% off + free shipping over $40

Le Château – up to 80% off + $25 off when you spend $150

Danier – free shipping over $100

American Eagle – 25 to 60% off

FullSizeRender 59

H&M – up to 30% off + free shipping

Aldo – 40% off 2nd item

Sam Edelman – up to 50% off: use code BUYSUMMER20


Aritzia – free shipping


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End of Summer Sale Looks!

Sale Item: White Denim


See full outfit details HERE

FullSizeRender 17

See full outfit post HERE

FullSizeRender 36

See full outfit post HERE

FullSizeRender 194

See full outfit post HERE


See full outfit details HERE

FullSizeRender 253

Infinity necklace (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full outfit post HERE


Watch (use code LILY20 for 20% off)

See full outfit post HERE

FullSizeRender 117

FullSizeRender 116

Nail bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full outfit post HERE


Blouse | Arrow bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!) | Leaf bracelet (use code LILYBEFL25 for 25% off!)

See full outfit post HERE

Sale Item: Pink Ruffle Blouse


See full outfit details HERE

Sale Item: Blue Cold Shoulder Blouse


Sale Item: White Denim Cutoff Shorts


FullSizeRender 2

FullSizeRender 55

Watch (use code LILY20 for 20% off!) | Arrow bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full outfit post HERE

Sale Item: White Sneakers

OOTD: Monochrome x Pink

Hat (use code LILYBELF20 for 20% off!) | Sippy cup

See full outfit post HERE


See outfit details HERE



Sale Item: Leopard Print Heels

FullSizeRender 167

FullSizeRender 172

 Leaf bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full outfit post HERE


See full outfit details HERE

FullSizeRender 61

See full outfit post HERE





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12 Sale Outfit Pieces to Wear This Summer!


 Blouse (50% off!)


Blouse (on sale now!) | Heels (on sale now!)


Denim shorts (50% off!)



Sneakers (51% off!)

See full pink outfit details HERE

OOTD: Basic

Booties (75% off!) | Nail bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full post HERE

OOTD: Monochrome x Pink

Sneakers (51% off!) | Hat (use code LILYBELF20 for 20% off!)

See full post HERE

OOTD: Blush

Watch (use code LILY20 for 20% off!)

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 253

Infinity necklace (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

Full outfit post HERE

FullSizeRender 259

Blouse (on sale!) | Arrow Bracelet & Leaf Bracelet (use code LILYBEFL25 for 25% off!)


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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favourites

nordstrom anniversary sale favourites

1 Trouvé Rib Funnel Neck Sweater in tan portobello heather pg 2

2 Nordstrom Chevron 29-Inch & 20-Inch Spinner Luggage Set in pink hero pg 42

3 Kwiat 1.50ct tw Diamond & Platinum Stud Earrings pg 28

4 Vince Alora Mule in black pg 40

5 Sosken Double Breasted Plaid Coat pg 22

6 Topshop Long Open Front Cardi in rose pg 50

7 UGG Daelynn Boot in chestnut pg 52

8 Yves Saint Laurent Nude Edition Lip Set pg 64

9 Alo Block High Waist Mesh Insert Leggings in black pg 58

10 SP Black Stretch Denim Miniskirt pg 10

11 Nike Blazer Low Essential Sneaker pg 54

12 Blondo Nova Waterproof Booties in mushroom suede pg 34

13 Lancôme The Best of Lancôme Mascara Set pg 66

14 Vince Camuto Smocked Neck Blouse in antique white pg 36

15 Badgley Mischka Double Face Wool Blend Wrap Front Coat in camel pg 8

16 Brixton Fiddler Corduroy Baker Boy Cape in rose pg 22

17 Simplehuman Eight Inch Sensor Mirror with Brightness Control pg 62

18 Rag & Bone 63mm Polarized Aviator Sunglasses in light gold pg 22

Unfortunately, I am unable to add links to the specific items, so here is a link to the catalogue. I have also stated the page numbers for ease in search.


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Shopping Ahead of the Season + Tips and Tricks for Buying on a Budget

Welcome back! In today’s post, I will be discussing how I shop for clothes ahead of an upcoming season. It sounds a little strange, however just hear me out. Lately, I have been on the lookout for fall clothes, especially sweaters, skirts, and OTK boots. I already have enough jeans and tote bags (practical for carrying around my Mac to school), thus will not be diving into those categories as much. With the Fall2017/Winter2018 season officially coming to an end, there are still a lot fall/winter inventory left over. Since they are out of season, most of them are on sale or clearance. Here a some items I have found thus far.

Image 1 of DOUBLE V-NECK SWEATER from ZaraZara Double V-Neck Sweater in mustard

Sale price: $25.99


Zara Oversized Sweater with Seam Details in orange

Sale price: $25.99


Zara Oversized Sweater with Seam Details in light gray

Sale price: $25.99

Image 2 of DIAGONAL KNIT SWEATER from Zara

Zara Diagonal Knit Sweater in black

Sale price: $19.99


Zara Sweater with Puff Sleeves in green

Sale price: $25.99

Image result for Rib Cotton Blend Foldover Sweater

Le Château Rib Cotton Blend Foldover Sweater in black

Sale price: $39.99

Image result for Rib Cotton Blend Foldover Sweater

Le Château Rib Cotton Blend Foldover Sweater in pink

Sale price: $39.99

V-neck Sweater - Orange - Ladies | H&M CA 1

H&M V-Neck Sweater in orange

Sale price: $17.99

Double-knit Sweater - Red - Ladies | H&M CA 1

H&M Double-Knit Sweater in red

Sale price: $19.99

Knit Wool-blend Sweater - Cerise - Ladies | H&M CA 1

H&M Knit Woll-blend Sweater in cerise

Sale price: $22.99

Knit Sweater - White - Ladies | H&M CA 2

H&M Knit Sweater in white

Sale price: $24.99

Image 4 of CHECK MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara Check Mini Skirt in gray/tan

Sale price: $19.99

Image 3 of FAUX SUEDE MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara Faux Suede Mini Skirt in pale pink

Sale price: $17.99

Image 1 of SUEDE MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara Suede Mini Skirt in mustard

Sale price: $19.99

Michael Kors Harland Boot in black

Sale price: $269.98

Artica boots in black

Sale price: $249.98

Image result for RAPISARDI RON WHITE Rapisardi by Ron White Velda Platform Boots

Rapisardi Ron White Rapisardi by Ron White Velda Platform Boots in black

Sale price: $197.50

Image result for RON WHITE Rapisardi by Ron White Long Tammy Boots

Ron White Rapisardi by Ron White Long Tammy Boots in black

Sale price: $222.50

Angelica Over the Knee Boot,                         Main,                         color, Black Faux Patent

Kenneth Cole New York Angelica Over the Knee Boot in black faux patent

Sale price: $138.76

Image of Stuart Weitzman Keenland Knee High Stretch Suede Boot

Stuart Weitzman Keenland Knee High Stretch Suede Boots in topsue

Sale price: $429.97

Image of Stuart Weitzman Highland Over-the-Knee Boot

Stuart Weitzman Highland Over-the-Knee Boot in walnut suede

Sale price: $429.97
Image of Stuart Weitzman Highland Over-the-Knee Boot

Stuart Weitzman Highland Over-the-Knee Boot in walnut suede

Sale price: $429.97

When shopping for clothes every year, most styles and cuts remain the same for that brand. The only major changes are the colours and patterns of that season. Also, buying good quality, classic pieces also help reduce the amount of spending, since they can be reused in numerous outfit combinations. The catch here is buying from a good quality retailer and looking for good quality materials, so that it will last longer. I try not to buy cheaper-made clothing as I know I will end up having to buy another of the exact same in little time due to deterioration of the original item. This results in extra spending for repeated purchases of the same item. Buying it once and it being of good quality saves money and time, two very precious commodities, in the long run.

In addition to out of season stock being discounted, another trick is the time of purchase. Their are multiple times during the year that almost all stores are on sale (depending on which part of the world you inhabit). These annual sales usually take place during a civic holiday, such as labour day, thanksgiving, boxing day, new years eve, easter, Victoria day, memorial day, and Canada day. Sales also tend to occur during cultural holidays, such as Valentine’s day, St Patrick’s day, mother’s day (usually women’s clothing), father’s day (usually men’s clothing), Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Halloween. Another good sale time is the first couple of days of a new product/clothing line and the end of season sale. I try to plan my purchases around these times during the year. Their are a couple of ways I do so. I either go to the store, browse the entire selection, and try on my picks. Whatever items fit well and that I want to purchase, I take a picture of it and the tag with the price and my size. However, I do not purchase it if it is full priced. In my safari bookmarks, I have a folder specifically for these “fashion cravings” as I call it. I visit these pages ever week, looking out for sales. When that item does go on sale, I purchase it online.

The other method is kind of the opposite. When a store is on sale, I browse the sale section and purchase online whatever has caught my eye. I usually double-up on the item if I am unsure of my size. When my package is delivered, I try everything on and decide what to keep and what to return to the store. I usually buy enough to qualify for free shipping. The reason I buy an item in more than one size is because having to go to the store to exchange and try it on again is really a hassle. Also, when exchanging for a size, it is usually a final sale. Therefore, if that new size does not work, you are stuck with a non-refundable purchase.

Most of all the clothes you have seen on my Instagram and other blog posts have been purchase at a discount. As a university student paying my way through school, I cannot afford many wants and desires. I keep my money for tuition, books, parking, gas, and other necessities. Luckily, I do not pay rent or utilities since I still live at home with my parents and brothers. I could have gone away for school, but I would have graduated with students debts, which goes against my goal of graduating without any debts. Of course, once I start my Master’s degree, I will have no choice but to take out students loans, hence why I try to save most of my money earned.

Resisting the urge to buy anything of any quality at any time is ultimately the trick to being able to save most of my money and investing in good-quality, long lasting classic pieces. I hope this helps!



My Trip in Old Québec

Hello everyone! If you have watched my Instagram stories a while back, you will have seen that I spent a weekend in Old Québec, located in Québec City. It is reknown around the world as a historical community full of charm and enchantment. Bursting with culture, delicious food, and gorgeous architecture, it is definitely a place everyone should have on their travel bucket list!


Hôtel du Parlement


Porte St Louis


Rue St Jean


Château Frontenac


Base Ville


Terasse Dufferin


FullSizeRender 50FullSizeRender 52FullSizeRender 54FullSizeRender 58FullSizeRender 61FullSizeRender 62FullSizeRender 63FullSizeRender 67FullSizeRender 68FullSizeRender 73FullSizeRender 74FullSizeRender 75FullSizeRender 76FullSizeRender 78FullSizeRender 81FullSizeRender 82FullSizeRender 83FullSizeRender 84FullSizeRender 86FullSizeRender 90FullSizeRender 88

Le réputé steak frites: steak AA+ nappé de sauce poivrade maison, servi avec frites et salade verte.FullSizeRender 77

Côtes levées duBreton fumées maison au bois d’érable: servies avec pelures de pommes de terre, mayo harissa et salade César.FullSizeRender 56

Salade de poulet épicé  à la méditerranéenne: melon, tomates, concombres, oignon, olives, feta et menthe fraîche.

Restaurent: Cochon Dingue. La MEILLEURE tarte au sucre ce trouve ici! ~ They have THE BEST  sugar pie!

FullSizeRender 53FullSizeRender 55FullSizeRender 59FullSizeRender 64FullSizeRender 65FullSizeRender 66FullSizeRender 69FullSizeRender 70FullSizeRender 71FullSizeRender 80


Fashion · Travel

Comfortable Road Trip Outfits

Hello everyone! I am very soon going to go visit family in Québec and I am so excited! Since it will be approximately a six hour drive, I like to dress comfortably yet still stylish. Even though I do sleep most of the way and let my brother drive (LOL), I still like to look put together for when we stop and for when we are greeted when we arrive. Below I am sharing a couple of cute and comfy outfits perfect for a road trip!

Look 1

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 11.35.10 PM

1. Fila hoodie

2. Polo Ralph Lauren baseball cap

3. Gucci bag

4. Adidas sneakers

5. Mondetta leggings

When I travel, I like to wear lose fitting clothing that are not restricting and pinching. Leggings would be my top choice for bottoms as they are stretchy and also do not require a belt (which is quite uncomfortable for long car rides). This overall look is focused around the Fila hoodie, tying in the white, red, and navy hues with the other items. I love being able to wear athletic wear outside of the gym, and can easily be combined with higher end items to create an athleisure style, such as with the Gucci bag and Polo Ralph Lauren baseball cap.


Look 2


Instagram Recap: February 2018

This look is a little more polished and leans towards a more business casual style. I have actually worn this exact outfit for a 4 hour train ride + 3 hour car ride and it is quite comfortable. Having a loose tee with an oversize blazer gave me the ease of movement I wanted and warmth against the AC. As for the bag, I find traveling with just a shoulder bag challenging, since I cannot fit all of my necessities. Using a satchel or tote bag lets me carry around a book or my Mac so that I may still be productive. If I am not the one driving, I will usually complete homework or study my textbooks.


Look 3

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.06.17 PM.png

1. Saski Collection sports bra

2. Saski Collction leggings

3. Topshop denim jacket

4. Ray-Ban aviators

5. Adidas sneakers

This look is very athletic and super comfortable. I wanted to stray from the typical black leggings, and loved the idea of an (almost) all white look. The oversized denim jacket ties everything together by making the outfit a little more conservative, and also because it is practical for staying warm. This is something I would definitely wear! Moreover, my absolute favourite accessory is a pair of aviator sunglasses! I never leave the house without a pair since my eyes are sensitive to the sunlight and I feel like it completes the look.


Have a fabulous day, xoxo!

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OOTD ft. Calvin Klein

FullSizeRender 57FullSizeRender 52FullSizeRender 48FullSizeRender 55FullSizeRender 53

Shop this look: Calvin Klein Jeans tee (out of season; find similar here) | Kensie jeans (oos; find similar here) | ruffle cardigan (oos; find similar here) | Calvin Klein tote bag | cultured Akoya pearl earrings

This is a simple, everyday look that can be recreated with almost any t-shirt + cardigan combination. It is comfortable yet does not look shabby. Even though this outfit is basic, I still look for quality. For t-shirts, I only buy 100% cotton and look to see if the seems stretch and distort after washing. For cardigans, I prefer wearing 100% cotton or wool/cashmere blend. Or course by going with wool or cashmere there is a significant increase in price, but the quality is there and it is a garment that will last a long time. I think of these purchases as investments pieces, since initially get higher quality and only have to purchase it once or twice in my life, rather than buying a cheaper product and having to buy it over and over again. This will not only end up being more expensive, but will waste other resources such as time and effort spent shopping for the sam item. For example, the cardigan I am wearing is something my mom gave me from her own wardrobe. You would not guess how old it is… approximately 15 years old! It has been worn numerous times, yet looks brand new! By buying a quality item and taking care of it (gentle cycle wash with cold water, and hung to dry), your clothes can last a long time and look great!

I paired this particular look with my white Converse sneakers, but it can also be worn with black ankle booties. For the bag, I like to match my shoes or the general tone of the outfit. Here, it is white and black, hence why I chose my black bag rather than other colours. I like using a tote because it doubles as my “school bag”. It is spacious enough to carry around my Mac and a textbook/notebook, with other school supplies. Again, I see this as an investment piece that will kill two birds with one stone, thus why I opt for a higher quality bag. I look for leather exterior, thicker handles/straps (to support the weight), and a well-lined interior with pockets and pouches. I have found that nylon or faux-leather bags are of lesser quality, and always end up tearing or having distorted seams.

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Last Minute Easter Dresses That Are On Sale!

Main Image - Tadashi Shoji Lace Cap Sleeve Dress (Regular & Petite)

Tadashi Shoji Lace Cap Sleeve Dress in petal bloom

Main Image - Eliza J Portrait Collar Sheath Dress (Regular & Petite)

Eliza J Portrait Collar Sheath Dress in blush

Main Image - CeCe Aurora Eyelet Midi Dress (Regular & Petite)

CeCe Aurora Eyelet Midi Dress in ultra white

Main Image - Willow & Clay Midi Wrap Dress

Willow & Clay Midi Wrap Dress in blush


Ted Baker London Long Sleeve Frill Tunic Dress in ivory

Calvin Klein Stretch Silk Double Layer Dress in mint

I would wear this dress with a belt to slim the waist and heels to elongate the legs.

Calvin Klein Split Sleeve Sheath Dress in blush

Max Mara Cotton Poplin Dress in sky blue


Max Mara Silk Georgette Dress in peach


Parisian Glam Room Decor Inspiration

Lately, I have been very influenced by Parisian style and decor, which, after hours of browsing the web, lead me to find numerous fashion illustrations. I was absolutely inspired to redecorate my bedroom then and there, but quickly came back down to earth and remembered that I am a university student on a tight budget. A girl can dream…anyhow, now I am here creating this post. Using a soft pink, white, and pewter colour palette, I combined Parisian and glam decor styles to create my dream bedroom. I am also sharing the illustrations that initially sparked the idea. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 4.23.26 PM

1. Toile Pillow

Toile, also known as “toile de Jouy”, consists of a light background depicting a scenery that is repeated throughout the fabric. Originating from Jouy-en-Josas, a commune 19km south-west of Paris, this print is commonly associated with French style.


2. Decorative Boxes

These boxes create a stylish storage alternative and add romantic hues to the overall space. I already own four floral boxes, not these exact ones but of a similar style, and I find them so practical for organizing!


3. Lattice Area Rug

Having a rug in your room is not only stylish, but helps to illuminate it as well. Especially with a lighter rug colour, the light can reflect more easily and definitely brings a room to life!

4. Chandelier

This chandelier is perfect for a smaller space such as a bedroom. The metal-wire filigree adds to the romantic style.

5. Vanity Tray

The elegant floral-patterned frame with an antique-style finish ties in the vintage Paris vibes. Very useful for putting away your jewelry of the day and some perfume bottles.


6. Accessories Illustration

Created by Alison Gordon Studio, this wall art brings forth my love of fashion and all things pink!

7. Coco Mademoiselle Illustration

Alison Gordon showcases her artistic talents with this Coco Mademoiselle drawing. Nothing says classy and elegant like Chanel!

8. Café Fleur Illustration

Alison Gordon’s illustration portrays the ease of life and the “joie de vivre” of Parisians.

9. Chair

The pale wooden frame ornamented with flowers demonstrates well the french style. This chair is influenced by the reign of Louis XV, in which the cartouche-shaped seat backs were framed with moulded wood. The crest rail and legs featured rococo carvings of gold leaves and flowers. This era of style is further characterized by cabriole-shaped legs placed at an angle.


10. Mirror

This gorgeous mirror features rococo detailing once again, with the gold leaves and cherubs.


11. Fluffy Pillow

An amusing way of adding another touch of pink to the room! This soft and playful wool brings comfort and  repose.

12. Writing Desk

The sleek and contemporary design of this desk balances out the romantic and embellishing ambiance of the room. The white colour brings simplicity and elegance.

Below are the drawings that inspired me to write this post. These beautiful illustrations are created by Lalana Arts, who is very talented!

Fashion · Money Saving Tips

Last Minute NYE Dress Ideas That are on Sale!

Jax - Illusion Lace Sheath Dress, Red, hi-res
Floral Lace Mermaid Dress, Red, hi-res
BA Nites - Crystal Embellished Lace Embroidered Dress, Multi, hi-res
BA Nites - Crystal Embellished Velvet Gown, Black, hi-res
Maggy London - Bell Sleeve Crepe Dress, Black, hi-res
Embellished Appliqué Jersey Gown, Black, hi-res
Lace Trim Evening Dress, Black, hi-res
Beaded Lace Chiffon Gown, Blue, hi-res
Sequin Embellished High-Low Dress, Black, hi-res
Glitter Lace Fit & Flare Dress, Blue, hi-res
Sequin Lace Mesh Detail Dress, Black, hi-res
Off The Shoulder Puff Sleeve Gown, Black, hi-res
Sequin Embellished Mesh Dress, Blue, hi-res
Sequin Lace Taffeta Gown, Multi, hi-res
Sequin Lace Sunburst Pleated Dress, Off White, hi-res
Christmas Gift Guide · Lifestyle

Christmas Gift Guide for Him- Under $500


Shop these items

Cashmere v-neck sweater

Ted Baker London brown leather wallet

Black leather belt

Gold cuff links

Tie clip

Tissot watch

L’Homme Prada set

Valentino Uomo set

Chanel Bleu de Chanel eau de parfum

White badger shaving brush

Straight razor

Hanging razor strop

Stainless steel double edge razor

Christmas Gift Guide · Lifestyle

Christmas Gift Guide for Her- Under $500


Shop these items

 Pink flannel PJ

Velour bath robe

Polka Dot flannel PJ

Kate Spade saffiano leather crossbody bag

Leopard print crossbody bag

Leather gloves

Lancôme youth activating trio

Viktor&Rolf 4-piece fragrance set

Beauty Bioscience rose gold microneedling tool

Tiffany & Co. eau de parfum

Sigma brush kit

Pink silk pillowcase and sleep mask

Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess set

Blue sapphire and diamond earrings

Pearl and diamond stud earrings

Pearl necklace and earrings set

Diamond stud earrings

Gucci watch

Rebecca Minkoff quilted black leather crossbody bag

Tory Burch black leather wallet

3-drawer jewellery storage

Christmas Gift Guide · Lifestyle

Christmas Gift Guide for Baby- Under $500


Shop these items

Faux fur coat

Grey coat with faux fur trim

Burberry hooded cape

Navy blue dress

Blue giraffe print blanket

The North Face one-piece snow suit

Gucci grey dress

Khaki pants

Blue silk dress

Gucci cable knit sweater

Black and white stripped diaper bag

Docking sleeper station

Burgundy diaper tote

Baby carrier

Espresso crib

Glider rocking chair

Christmas Gift Guide · Lifestyle

Christmas Gift Guide for Boys- Under $500


Shop these items

Plush corduroy jacket

Ride on car- McLaren

Lego Mindstorms

Ride on tractor

Grand espresso corner kitchen

Pirate cove play set

Lego Batman

Blue and grey jacket

Gucci zip-up jacket

Burberry long sleeve shirt

Red puffer vest

Christmas Gift Guide · Lifestyle

Christmas Gift Guide for Girls- Under $500


Shop these items

Moto Jacket

Blue sequin dress

Pink Ugg boots

Pink sequin tulle dress

Gucci navy blue polo shirt

Pink and black jacket

Ride on car- Mercedes

Grand luxe kitchen 

Doll manor


Fashion pretend play station

Christmas Gift Guide · Lifestyle

Christmas Gift Guide for Girls- Under $100



Shop these items

Pink bomber jacket

Faux leather jacket

Red tulle dress

Red and black plaid dress

Fox PJ

Pink Minnie Mouse PJ

Pink bath robe

Barbie pet care center

Hatchimals Surprise Hatching Egg

PAW patrol zoomer dalmatian

Lego Princess Belle Castle

Christmas Gift Guide · Lifestyle

Christmas Gift Guide for Him- Under $100



Shop these items

Grey half-zip pullover

UGG 3-pack socks

Ted Baker London cuff links

Disney ultimate man refuelling set

John Varvatos fragrance set

Issey Miyake fragrance travel trio

Jack Black facial cosmetics set

Burberry eau de toilette set

Wooden watch box

Christmas Gift Guide · Lifestyle

Christmas Gift Guide for Boys- Under $100


Shop these items

Under Armour sweat pants

Vans sneakers


Land Rover riding toy car

Train set and table

Super Friends transforming batcave playset

Lego Minecraft fortress

Transformers autobot the last knight

Christmas Gift Guide · Lifestyle

Christmas Gift Guide for Her- Under $100