My Trip in Old Québec

Hello everyone! If you have watched my Instagram stories a while back, you will have seen that I spent a weekend in Old Québec, located in Québec City. It is reknown around the world as a historical community full of charm and enchantment. Bursting with culture, delicious food, and gorgeous architecture, it is definitely a place everyone should have on their travel bucket list!


Hôtel du Parlement


Porte St Louis


Rue St Jean


Château Frontenac


Base Ville


Terasse Dufferin


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Le réputé steak frites: steak AA+ nappé de sauce poivrade maison, servi avec frites et salade verte.FullSizeRender 77

Côtes levées duBreton fumées maison au bois d’érable: servies avec pelures de pommes de terre, mayo harissa et salade César.FullSizeRender 56

Salade de poulet épicé  à la méditerranéenne: melon, tomates, concombres, oignon, olives, feta et menthe fraîche.

Restaurent: Cochon Dingue. La MEILLEURE tarte au sucre ce trouve ici! ~ They have THE BEST  sugar pie!

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Comfortable Road Trip Outfits

Hello everyone! I am very soon going to go visit family in Québec and I am so excited! Since it will be approximately a six hour drive, I like to dress comfortably yet still stylish. Even though I do sleep most of the way and let my brother drive (LOL), I still like to look put together for when we stop and for when we are greeted when we arrive. Below I am sharing a couple of cute and comfy outfits perfect for a road trip!

Look 1

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 11.35.10 PM

1. Fila hoodie

2. Polo Ralph Lauren baseball cap

3. Gucci bag

4. Adidas sneakers

5. Mondetta leggings

When I travel, I like to wear lose fitting clothing that are not restricting and pinching. Leggings would be my top choice for bottoms as they are stretchy and also do not require a belt (which is quite uncomfortable for long car rides). This overall look is focused around the Fila hoodie, tying in the white, red, and navy hues with the other items. I love being able to wear athletic wear outside of the gym, and can easily be combined with higher end items to create an athleisure style, such as with the Gucci bag and Polo Ralph Lauren baseball cap.


Look 2


Instagram Recap: February 2018

This look is a little more polished and leans towards a more business casual style. I have actually worn this exact outfit for a 4 hour train ride + 3 hour car ride and it is quite comfortable. Having a loose tee with an oversize blazer gave me the ease of movement I wanted and warmth against the AC. As for the bag, I find traveling with just a shoulder bag challenging, since I cannot fit all of my necessities. Using a satchel or tote bag lets me carry around a book or my Mac so that I may still be productive. If I am not the one driving, I will usually complete homework or study my textbooks.


Look 3

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.06.17 PM.png

1. Saski Collection sports bra

2. Saski Collction leggings

3. Topshop denim jacket

4. Ray-Ban aviators

5. Adidas sneakers

This look is very athletic and super comfortable. I wanted to stray from the typical black leggings, and loved the idea of an (almost) all white look. The oversized denim jacket ties everything together by making the outfit a little more conservative, and also because it is practical for staying warm. This is something I would definitely wear! Moreover, my absolute favourite accessory is a pair of aviator sunglasses! I never leave the house without a pair since my eyes are sensitive to the sunlight and I feel like it completes the look.


Have a fabulous day, xoxo!

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St Maarten: My Heart Goes Out to You

Last New Years, I went away to St Maarten with my grandma to celebrate the upcoming year. It was a paradise on earth! The island is gorgeous, the people are so very kind, and the culture is rich! I was so devastated to hear that hurricane Irma had destroyed it all. It is so hard to believe that everything is gone; the hotel room in which I stayed, the beach on which I walked, everything. I would like to give my condolences to all who were affected by this disaster. To everyone there, I hope that you are safe and unharmed. To the bus driver who gave me a tour of the island, the young gentlemen with which I went four-wheeling, the owners and stable hands of Lucky Stable with whom I went horseback riding in the mountain, to the staff of Coconut Reef with whom I went snorkelling, my heart goes out to you. I send my prayers and positive thoughts in your direction, and hope that you will be able to recover swiftly from Irma’s wrath.









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Shopping Diaries-Montreal Edition

As we all know, the end of August is a busy hustle of back to school preparations and labor day party planning. So, I decided to squeeze in a quick shopping trip to Montreal before life starts to get crazy again.

Day 1


Cold-shoulder blouse with frills at RW&Co for $70. This blouse is very comfortable and I absolutely love the sleeves! The Natalie white denim skinny pant with cuff is also from RW&Co for $70 as well. The denim is thick, which makes the jeans opaque and gives it that real denim feel, while still being stretchy. I love the white on white look here! Makes for a great summer ootd!


I paired the white blouse with the linen-blend pencil skirt from RW&Co. I absolutely love the belt and the front and back slits! This skirt can easily be dressed up with a blouse or dressed down with a simple white tee.

Day 2


I found this Yamakazi sweater in heather warm grey, made by The Group by Babaton, sold at Aritzia for $200. This 100% cashmere sweater can be worn by itself, or layered with a blazer or pea coat during the colder weather.

Day 3


I am completely in love with this bell-sleeve sheath dress! It is from the Calvin Klein outlet and is sold for $145. This raisin colour is perfect for fall and brings out the warm glow of what is left of my summer tan, hahaha! This also makes for the perfect work to night out dress!


I found this draped leather trim wool blend coat at Holt Renfrew for $318. It is made by Soia & Kyo, whom I utterly love their wool coats! The belted look is one of my favourites, and I very much adore the leather accents of the sleeves and pockets!