OOTD: Parisian


Shop this look: Karl Lagerfeld Paris blouse (out of season; similar here) | Kensie denim (similar here) | Sam Edelman heels | Calvin Klein denim jacket (similar here) | Lauren Ralph Lauren scarf (oos; similar here) | Danier bag (oos; similar here) | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here) | Gold bracelet & earring set from Spain | Chanel sunglasses

A classic black and white look that will never go out of style! Even though it is a monotone outfit, there are numerous feminine touches that create its charm; the lace collar, the detailed buttons, the dainty gold jewelry and the silk scarf on the handle of the bag.


4 Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf

Silk scarves are a great way to accessorize an outfit. In recent fashion, in addition to being worn around the neck, they have been styled on handbags, wrists, in hairdos, and worn as belts. These trends originate from the French woman’s love of wearing scarves on a daily basis from which stemmed a need to functionally carry them around after being worn. Storing a scarf inside a purse might not always be the best option; the bag might be too small or you might not want to get makeup and lipstick stains on your scarf. The French woman has developed different methods of carrying around her silk scarves in a practical manner that over time have become a fashion trend in its own.

There are a few reasons why silk makes for the best of scarves:

  • silk will not make you overheat and will act as a wind-breaker. Even in Summer, they are worn during car rides in a convertible or on a boat ride.
  • silk will hold its shape and hardly ever wrinkles. It can be shoved at the bottom of a bag and still look good once taken out.

 Below are different ways to wear a silk scarf.


With A Ponytail – When you are on the go, it is super easy to throw your hair into a ponytail and to tie your scarf around it. Can be worn as a bow or just tied into a simple knot on a high or low ponytail. It is a great way to accessorize an outfit or to glam up a simple hairdo, and accomplishes the goal of getting the silk scarf out of the way after it has been worn.


In A Bow On A Handbag  Everyone knows how to tie a bow. This method works on all handbags and takes hardly any time! It is a great way of stowing your silk scarf and definitely makes your handbag look chic.


Tied Around The Neck In A Simple Knot – By wrapping the silk scarf around once and knotting it prevents it from being chunky around the neck. It is more easily achieved with a skinny or slim scarf. Letting it drape down is not only part of the simplicity of the look but also adds fluidity to an outfit.


Wrapped Around The Handle Of A Bag – An alternative to tying the silk scarf in a bow. It may look complex, but in actuality takes minimal time to achieve such a luxurious result.

Outfit details: RW&Co blouse (out of season; similar here) | American Eagle denim (oos; similar here) | Lauren Ralph Lauren scarf (oos; similar here)| Danier bag (oos; similar here)  | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here) | Gold bracelet & earring set from Spain | Guess twisted metal cuff (David Yurman dupe!)


Timeless Capsule Wardrobe: Accessories

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 8.32.37 PM


White & Black Camisoles

One of my favourite basic pieces in my wardrobe. They definitely are super useful and help build the core of so many different outfits for various occasions. There are many styles of camisoles, some with lace, others with embroidery, or even plain. They are all good options to explore. Another thing to look at when buying one is the material. The optimal camisole is silk, since it does not stick to your skin and has many other benefits, which I talked about HERE. Here are some links to shop: Theory | SUISTUDIO | Anine Bing


Silk Scarf

Such a luxurious accessory to spruce up any outfit. Truly ties everything together, and adds a touch of personality through the use of colour and pattern. A recent trend is to tie a silk scarf around a pony tail, or even wrap it around the handle of your purse. Here are some links to shop: Valentino Garavani | Gucci | Burberry


Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are a must-have if you live in a colder-weather location. They keep your hands warm and supple by preventing your skin from drying out and cracking with the cold. They are not bulky on your hands, which makes them more manageable and a better alternative when driving. Leather is a higher-quality material that will not wear down as easily as others, and stretches to your hand to give you the perfect fit. I shared a couple of stylish options in THIS POST. Here are some links to shop: Gucci | Max Mara | Agnelle


Black & Brown Leather Belts

Belts are a must-have in my life. If you are like me, I need to belt most of my pants, more so for practicality than for style. Black and brown are classic, neutral colours that pair very easily with black or brown shoes and bags. If you have been with me for a while, you know that I always colour coordinate those three accessories. As mentioned above, leather is a high-quality material and will make your belt last much longer. Here are some links to shop: Saint Laurent |  Gucci | Michael Kors



OOTD: Spotted


Shop this look: Zara blouse | RW&Co denim (out of season; similar here) | Guess belt | Sam Edelman heels | Danier bag (oos; similar here) | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here) | Melanie Lyne crystal studded metal hinge bangle (Cartier dupe!) | Guess lion bracelet | Aldo medallion (oos; similar here)

I have always loved leopard print and I finally have a blouse in this print! I was so excited to finally be able to wear it! Styling this blouse with white denim brightens the overall outfit and lightens the look for Spring. Alternatively, I would wear this blouse with white or blue denim shorts in the Summer, and a black skirt or pants for the Fall and Winter.

Happy Monday, xox


Timeless Capsule Wardrobe: Shoes

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.56.01 PM


Black Leather Boots

Black boots are essential to any closet, especially when living in a four-season country! There are so many different styles, cuts, colours, and heel height options to shop, so when it comes time to find the ones for you, there are so many choices! Here are some links to shop: Charles David | Valentino Garavani | Christian Louboutin

Leather Riding Boots

This style of boot comes from English riding designs, specifically those of field boots, dress boots and hunt boots. Field boots were traditionally worn by military officers ranked “field officers” and are characterized by their black colour and lacing at the upper front part of the boot, which offered more flexibility. Dress boots are similar to field boots, however they do not have any lacing and are more structured. They are also mainly black in colour and some are cut extra high on the outside of the knee for added style. Lastly, hunt boots, which are traditionally worn for fox hunting, are much the same as dress boots, however they have a cuff at the top of the boot. Here are some links to shop: Lauren Ralph Lauren | Frye | Tory Burch



Sandals are perfect for warmer-weather seasons as they leave almost the entire foot exposed. There are 23 different types of sandals, all of which alternate materials, cuts, and colours. There are numerous ways one can style sandals, and they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Here are some links to shop: Christian Louboutin | Saint Laurent | Chloé


Black Heels

If I could choose only one shoe to have, it would be a black heel. This is definitely the most classic shoe that has ever existed, and can be styled into virtually any outfit. Since this shoe will most likely be your most-worn one, it is important to prioritize quality and comfort. Paying a higher price for a shoe that will last you much longer saves time, money, and energy. Here are some links to shop: Versace | Christian Louboutin | Prada


Nude Heels (or White Heels)

Nude- or white-coloured heels are almost just as much of a classic as black heels. These are more typically worn during warmer seasons with lighter-coloured outfits. Here are some links to shop: Saint Laurent | Sam Edelman | Manolo Blahnik

Black Flats

Another great classic and a perfect alternative to heels, but with added comfort. This style of shoe is inspired by a ballet shoe and consists of a little or no heel. Just like heels, flats can be styled in multiple outfits, no matter the occasion. Here are some links to shop:  Salvatore Ferragamo |Tory Burch | Taryn Rose Collection


White Sneakers

White sneakers are my go-to casual shoe! They really bring an athletic vibe to the outfit and are super comfortable! Sneakers became part of pop culture back in the 1970’s; hip hopers would wear mainly Nike, Puma and Adidas, while rockers would wear primarily Converse and Macbeth. In recent years, the white sneaker has made a come-back, especially with last year’s dad-sneaker trend. Here are some links to shop: Prada | Valentino Garavani | Adidas


OOTD: Cream & White Tweed


Shop this look: Karl Lagerfeld Paris tweed blazer (out of season; similar here) | RW&Co denim (oos; similar here) | Lauren Ralph Lauren Carrington Brigitte bag (oos) | Dynamite lace bodysuit | Sam Edelman heels | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here)

I have used this tweed blazer for a couple different OOTD posts, and I keep finding new ways to style it. I definitely LOVE this blazer and it fits me like a glove! I was recently gifted a new Karl Lagerfeld Paris blazer and am excited to share it with you all! Outfit for that will be coming soon!

This outfit focuses on the play of cream and black, with white as a neutral base. These colours are of such French influence, as seen with Chanel. By using mainly neutral colours, so many different outfits can be made and each garment can be styled in various manners. As much as I love my pops of colour, I for sure appreciate a more classic and neutral-toned wardrobe. I feel like during the Summer I bring out very bright and saturated colours, which all remind me of the Amalfi coast and of numerous Italian designers (ex: Dolce & Gabbana). However, during the rest of the year, my main colours are neutral, such as black and white, which is more of the French style.


OOTD: Pinky


Shop this look: H&M sweater (out of season; similar here) | Parasuco moto leggings (oos; similar here) | Kirkland Signature boots (total Ugg dupe!) | Danier bag (oos; similar here) | Guess crystal hinged rhinestone bracelet | Guess twisted metal bracelet (total David Yurman dupe!) | Aldo medallion (on sale!)

A sweet look to warm up your winter days. It has been cold lately, and I cannot wait for Spring and the warmer weather it brings. This look is really easy to recreate and can be worn with any style and colour of knit sweater combined with black leggings. It is hard to see in the pictures, however these leggings actually have diagonal seams running along the legs. It gives it a moto style, making the outfit edgier and balances out the sweetness of all the pink tones.

Also, I just want to apologize for my lack of content last week. It was my school reading week (basically my spring break) and decided to take time off of blogging to focus on work.


OOTD: Black & White Business


Shop this look: Lily Silk blouse | Dynamite pants (oos; similar here + on sale!) | Chanel Fall 2017 limited edition bag | Sam Edelman heels | Costco diamond heart necklace | Costco akoya pearl studs | Guess bracelet | Melanie Lyne hinge bangle bracelet (oos; similar here)

This outfit is your typical street-style office wear look. A white blouse slightly tucked into skinny black pants and black stiletto heels, with a top knot to finish the look. A classic blouse paired with the leather pants is one of my favourite looks, and I have been sporting this so much recently, as it blends classic and feminine style with an edgier look. I especially like this silk blouse, as it is made from natural fibers (thus is not static and glides over my skin) and it is not see through. When purchasing this however, the sizing guide is very confusing and inaccurate, as with the size the models are wearing. I found that if you are bigger in the bust and shoulder areas, definitely size up. In my case, I usually purchase size medium for tops, however I ended up sizing up to a large.

For a more festive outfit, I would let my hair down in curls, and swap out the bag and jewelry for a glittery clutch and bold jewelry. Something along the lines of chunky black earrings and a huge fashionable gemstone ring.

This is something I would also wear for school, but would dress it down to make it more casual. I would wear white sneakers instead of heels and a black leather tote rather than the shoulder bag so that I am able to carry my MacBook and all my other school supplies.


OOTD: Gold Glamour

Shop this look: Le Château sweater (oos; similar here) | Dynamite pants (oos; similar here) | Zara bag | Melanie Lyne crystal and screw bracelet (oos; similar here) | Sam Edelman heels | Guess bracelet

Last week I shared an OOTD with the same sparkly gold sweater as a festive look to celebrate NYE! Another way to style it is with leather pants, which meld glam and edge to get a fancy look that is full of character! This outfit focuses on just black and gold, with no other variations in tone. Paired with bold accessories, such as black chandelier earrings, a black leather Versace-inspired bag, and black leather heels, this look is will make you want to get your party on!

Happy New Year’s Eve loves!


OOTD: Luxurious Black

Shop this look: Zara blazer | Calvin Klein Jeans jeggings (oos; similar here) | Karl Lagerfeld Paris silk scarf | Fall 2017 Chanel bag | Lauren by Ralph Lauren belt | Dynamite lace bodysuit (on sale!) | Melanie Lyne bracelet (oos; similar here)

This outfit is focused on using basic pieces all in black to create a neutral backdrop for luxurious details. It is accessorized with high quality items, such as a Chanel bag, a Karl Lagerfeld silk scarf, and a Lauren by Ralph Lauren leather belt. This is the easiest method for getting a luxurious and elegant style; basic pieces + designer accessories. By creating the base of the outfit with basic pieces, your budget is optimized because they are typically inexpensive and you can purchased only a few items and restyle them in so many ways. Basic clothing items in neutral colours can be mixed and matched to make an infinite number of different outfits, that can be repeated numerous times by changing the accessories for different looks. By using high-end or designer bags, belts, scarves, jewelry, and shoes, your bring quality and luxury to any basic outfit.

Furthermore, just a quick life update. I am in the last week of my university session, and nearing final exams. I am super busy with assignments, evaluations, and studying, so I apologize if the amount of content has been lacking a bit or will temporarily be less frequent. Also, if there is a particular post or a type of outfit you would like to see, comment down below or comment/DM on my Instagram (@lily_belf).

Have a nice weekend loves!


OOTD: Side Stripe Pants

Shop this look: Calvin Klein Jeans denim jacket (oos; similar here) | Zara leggings | Converse sneakers (oos; similar here) | Calvin Klein Cindy tote

This look is perfect for those busy days that you are on the go. I like the athleisure vibes from combining the leggings with the denim jacket- both athletic and casual looking. Since the look is busy with the light blue denim colour and the red stripe on the pants, I decided to wear a simple black shirt that would just blend in, tucked into the waistband of my leggings to further define my waist line.

This outfit can alternatively be worn with a black leather crossbody bag (as seen HERE). However, since I was headed to school, I wore a large tote bag, so that I could fit all of my school supplies and my Mac.

I am going to finish this post with a question for you: What kind of looks do you want to see next? Let me know in the comments or comment on my latest IG picture 🙂

Fashion · Inspiration Tuesday

Inspiration Tuesday: Neutrals

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 11.46.38 AM

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

I am obsessed with this look! If I had an unlimited budget, I would be dressed in this manner EVERY DAY! Using neutral colours really creates an elegant and sleek outfit, and the high quality accessories make it look polished. Although this outfit is very expensive, investing in high quality items, fabrics, and brands ends up costing less in the long run. You will never have to repurchase the item, as they will last you a life time.


OOTD: Navy & Pink


Shop this look: Laura blouse (oos; similar here + on sale!) | RW&Co blazer (oos; similar here) | RW&Co denim (on sale!) | Danier bag (oos; similar here) | Guess belt (oos; similar here) | Melanie Lyne screw and crystal bracelet | Costco pearl earrings

I love wearing blazers for Fall! They are the perfect layering item and are so versatile! They are also great for transitioning an office-type outfit for an evening or after-hours look. I decided to wear white denim to make the pink and navy colours stand out more, two colours that compliment each other very well. Even though I wore this outfit for school, it can easily be worn for a business-casual environment as well, such as an office (if such workplace permits business-casual attire).





OOTD: Little Black Dress

FullSizeRender 58FullSizeRender 60FullSizeRender 64FullSizeRender 61FullSizeRender 62FullSizeRender 59

Shop this look: H&M dress (oos; similar here) | Sam Edelman heels (on sale!) | Danier bag (oos; similar here)

This outfit is simple to put together, yet is super stylish! By using a monotone palette and by coordinating metallics, it makes the whole ensemble seem more luxurious and expensive than what it actually is. I purchased the dress from H&M over three years ago for approximately $50. It has served so well, and I have worn it for so many diverse occasions; graduation, dinner, lunch date and everyday errands. Owning a little black dress as such is a very practical investment piece, and can be easily dressed up or down according to the occasion. I really like how there are drawstrings at the waist to help bring out an hourglass figure. Alternatively, it could be cinched using a waist belt.

By keeping to a neutral colour palette with solid prints, I can draw more attention to the only printed item: my leopard print heels! They are currently on sale for 20% off and are totally a worthwhile purchase! They are DEFINITELY the most comfortable high heels I own.

Have a nice days my lovelies!


OOTD: Business Casual

FullSizeRender 272FullSizeRender 271FullSizeRender 279FullSizeRender 276FullSizeRender 267FullSizeRender 268FullSizeRender 270FullSizeRender 275fullsizerender-269.jpg

Shop this look: RW&Co skirt (oos; denim option here) | Segments merino wool shirt | Sam Edelman heels | Danier bag (oos; similar here) | Civion leaf bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!) | Civion arrow bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!) | Melanie Lyne crystal and screw bracelet (on sale!)

This business casual look is perfect for a more put together lunch or a weekend at the office. By using basic pieces, this outfit is easy to put together and can be recreated with many variations of such items. When styling my outfits, I like to colour coordinate the clothing, all being neutrals with one accent piece. In this case, my neutral is black, with the focal point being the skirt. It features a tied-up belt and double slits (both front and back). Even though it is a neutral colour, these little details ornament the outfit and give it a personal touch.

I kept the accessories very minimal, making use of black again for my bag and heels. I opted for simple jewelry, as seen with the gold dangle earrings and gold stacked bracelets.

Have a nice day, xox


Fashion · Money Saving Tips

Shopping Ahead of the Season + Tips and Tricks for Buying on a Budget

Welcome back! In today’s post, I will be discussing how I shop for clothes ahead of an upcoming season. It sounds a little strange, however just hear me out. Lately, I have been on the lookout for fall clothes, especially sweaters, skirts, and OTK boots. I already have enough jeans and tote bags (practical for carrying around my Mac to school), thus will not be diving into those categories as much. With the Fall2017/Winter2018 season officially coming to an end, there are still a lot fall/winter inventory left over. Since they are out of season, most of them are on sale or clearance. Here a some items I have found thus far.

Image 1 of DOUBLE V-NECK SWEATER from ZaraZara Double V-Neck Sweater in mustard

Sale price: $25.99


Zara Oversized Sweater with Seam Details in orange

Sale price: $25.99


Zara Oversized Sweater with Seam Details in light gray

Sale price: $25.99

Image 2 of DIAGONAL KNIT SWEATER from Zara

Zara Diagonal Knit Sweater in black

Sale price: $19.99


Zara Sweater with Puff Sleeves in green

Sale price: $25.99

Image result for Rib Cotton Blend Foldover Sweater

Le Château Rib Cotton Blend Foldover Sweater in black

Sale price: $39.99

Image result for Rib Cotton Blend Foldover Sweater

Le Château Rib Cotton Blend Foldover Sweater in pink

Sale price: $39.99

V-neck Sweater - Orange - Ladies | H&M CA 1

H&M V-Neck Sweater in orange

Sale price: $17.99

Double-knit Sweater - Red - Ladies | H&M CA 1

H&M Double-Knit Sweater in red

Sale price: $19.99

Knit Wool-blend Sweater - Cerise - Ladies | H&M CA 1

H&M Knit Woll-blend Sweater in cerise

Sale price: $22.99

Knit Sweater - White - Ladies | H&M CA 2

H&M Knit Sweater in white

Sale price: $24.99

Image 4 of CHECK MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara Check Mini Skirt in gray/tan

Sale price: $19.99

Image 3 of FAUX SUEDE MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara Faux Suede Mini Skirt in pale pink

Sale price: $17.99

Image 1 of SUEDE MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara Suede Mini Skirt in mustard

Sale price: $19.99

Michael Kors Harland Boot in black

Sale price: $269.98

Artica boots in black

Sale price: $249.98

Image result for RAPISARDI RON WHITE Rapisardi by Ron White Velda Platform Boots

Rapisardi Ron White Rapisardi by Ron White Velda Platform Boots in black

Sale price: $197.50

Image result for RON WHITE Rapisardi by Ron White Long Tammy Boots

Ron White Rapisardi by Ron White Long Tammy Boots in black

Sale price: $222.50

Angelica Over the Knee Boot,                         Main,                         color, Black Faux Patent

Kenneth Cole New York Angelica Over the Knee Boot in black faux patent

Sale price: $138.76

Image of Stuart Weitzman Keenland Knee High Stretch Suede Boot

Stuart Weitzman Keenland Knee High Stretch Suede Boots in topsue

Sale price: $429.97

Image of Stuart Weitzman Highland Over-the-Knee Boot

Stuart Weitzman Highland Over-the-Knee Boot in walnut suede

Sale price: $429.97
Image of Stuart Weitzman Highland Over-the-Knee Boot

Stuart Weitzman Highland Over-the-Knee Boot in walnut suede

Sale price: $429.97

When shopping for clothes every year, most styles and cuts remain the same for that brand. The only major changes are the colours and patterns of that season. Also, buying good quality, classic pieces also help reduce the amount of spending, since they can be reused in numerous outfit combinations. The catch here is buying from a good quality retailer and looking for good quality materials, so that it will last longer. I try not to buy cheaper-made clothing as I know I will end up having to buy another of the exact same in little time due to deterioration of the original item. This results in extra spending for repeated purchases of the same item. Buying it once and it being of good quality saves money and time, two very precious commodities, in the long run.

In addition to out of season stock being discounted, another trick is the time of purchase. Their are multiple times during the year that almost all stores are on sale (depending on which part of the world you inhabit). These annual sales usually take place during a civic holiday, such as labour day, thanksgiving, boxing day, new years eve, easter, Victoria day, memorial day, and Canada day. Sales also tend to occur during cultural holidays, such as Valentine’s day, St Patrick’s day, mother’s day (usually women’s clothing), father’s day (usually men’s clothing), Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Halloween. Another good sale time is the first couple of days of a new product/clothing line and the end of season sale. I try to plan my purchases around these times during the year. Their are a couple of ways I do so. I either go to the store, browse the entire selection, and try on my picks. Whatever items fit well and that I want to purchase, I take a picture of it and the tag with the price and my size. However, I do not purchase it if it is full priced. In my safari bookmarks, I have a folder specifically for these “fashion cravings” as I call it. I visit these pages ever week, looking out for sales. When that item does go on sale, I purchase it online.

The other method is kind of the opposite. When a store is on sale, I browse the sale section and purchase online whatever has caught my eye. I usually double-up on the item if I am unsure of my size. When my package is delivered, I try everything on and decide what to keep and what to return to the store. I usually buy enough to qualify for free shipping. The reason I buy an item in more than one size is because having to go to the store to exchange and try it on again is really a hassle. Also, when exchanging for a size, it is usually a final sale. Therefore, if that new size does not work, you are stuck with a non-refundable purchase.

Most of all the clothes you have seen on my Instagram and other blog posts have been purchase at a discount. As a university student paying my way through school, I cannot afford many wants and desires. I keep my money for tuition, books, parking, gas, and other necessities. Luckily, I do not pay rent or utilities since I still live at home with my parents and brothers. I could have gone away for school, but I would have graduated with students debts, which goes against my goal of graduating without any debts. Of course, once I start my Master’s degree, I will have no choice but to take out students loans, hence why I try to save most of my money earned.

Resisting the urge to buy anything of any quality at any time is ultimately the trick to being able to save most of my money and investing in good-quality, long lasting classic pieces. I hope this helps!



Huge Spring Roundup


Chanel Bag




 Blouse (50% off!)


Blouse (on sale now!) |  Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum


Denim shorts (25% off!)

FullSizeRender 23

FullSizeRender 29

Bag | Pearl earrings

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 19

FullSizeRender 17

Jeans | Bag

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 44

FullSizeRender 29

Kenneth Cole NY oversized blazer | Pearl earrings

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 38

FullSizeRender 10


See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 36

Jeans | Bag | Booties (on sale now!!!)

See full post HERE


Denim | Sneakers (51% off)

See outfit details HERE

FullSizeRender 117

FullSizeRender 116

Jeans | Nail bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 139

Bag | Booties (on sale!) | Nail bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 167

FullSizeRender 172

ShoesLeaf bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full post HERE


Sneakers (51% off)


Denim overalls (50% off!) | Sneakers (51% off)

FullSizeRender 179

Blouse in black | Pearl studs

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 194

Track jacket |  Jeans

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 198

Hat (use code LILYBELF20 for 20% off!) | Sneakers (51% off) |  Sippy cup

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 232

FullSizeRender 245

Blouse in taupe pinkDenim | Wedges (tan; black; fuschia options) | Nail bracelet | Leaf bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full post HERE


Denim | Bag | Watch (use code LILY20 for 20% off!)

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 253

Denim | Infinity necklace (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)




OOTD: Hot Pink Athleisure

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 191FullSizeRender 192FullSizeRender 190FullSizeRender 194FullSizeRender 196FullSizeRender 195

Shop this look: Adidas track jacket | RW&Co white jeans | Danier bag (oos; find similar here) | George aviators (find similar here)

This look is the ultimate chic-meets-athletic-meets-comfy. It can be dressed up or down with different accessories and shoes. I styled this outfit with my black leather bag and white sneakers, therefore is stylish yet casual enough for everyday activities. I paired this hot pink track jacket with white denim to really make the pigment pop, rather than with blue or black jeans.


What’s In My Shopping Cart

Hello everyone! There are currently numerous end-of-winter/spring sales going on, and so I thought I would share with you some items that I am currently craving or that I have in my shopping cart. A winter to spring transition can sometimes be a little challenging, so now is the best time get it done! I know my spring wardrobe definitely needs updating! Enjoy!

Butterfly Sleeve Ponte Blazer, Blue, hi-res

Melanie Lyne Butterfly Sleeve Ponte Blazer

Topshop MOTO Oversized Denim Jacket

Le Château Crêpe de Chine V-Neck Blouse in Pink

Image 1 of PUFF SLEEVE SHIRT from Zara

Zara Puff Sleeve Shirt

Image 2 of PLEATED LINEN TOP from Zara

Zara Pleated Linen Top


Zara Poplin Shirt with Ribbed Placket

Calvin Klein Iconic Logo T-Shirt (50% off now!!!)

Calvin Klein Mandarin Collar Exposed Zip Roll-Up Sleeve Top in Black (50% off now!!!)

Solid Cami Blouse

RW&Co Solid Cami Blouse in Black

Dynamite Satin Cami with Lace

Dynamite Satin Cami with Lace

Cami with Adjustable Straps

RW&Co Cami with Adjustable Straps in Snow White

These polyester camisoles are so very practical. They are great for layering under sheer blouses, and are thin enough to wear underneath a cardigan or blazer.

Dynamite Belted Wrap Front Maxi Dress

Image 2 of FAUX LEATHER MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara Faux Leather Mini Skirt

Image 3 of MID-RISE BASIC MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara Mid-Rise Basic Mini Skirt

Image 2 of FAUX SUEDE MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara Faux Suede Mini Skirt


Zara Jogging Trousers with Side Stripes

DKNY Large Leather Shopper Tote (on sale now!!!)

I always opt for tote bags so that I can use them for school. They are large enough that I can fit my Mac and other school books.

Sam Edelman Hazel Pointed Toe Heel in Black Leather

My order has just arrived today, and they are definitely the COMFIEST heels I have ever worn. I also have these in Sand Leopard Brahma. Best heels ever!!!

Nine West Mana Leather Stiletto Sandals in Peach

Aldo Myly in Bone Suede

Main Image - kate spade new york calfskin leather belt

Kate Spade New York Calfskin Leather Belt in Black

Main Image - Ray-Ban Standard Original 58mm Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Standard Original 58mm Aviator Sunglasses in Brown

Aldo Moano in Milk (on sale now!!!)