OOTD: Printed


Shop this look: Zara blouse | Kensie jeans (oos; similar here + on sale!) | Converse sneakers (oos; similar here) | Guess belt | Zara bag | Aldo medallion (oos; similar here) | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here) | Guess twisted metal cuff (David Yurman dupe!)

I am loving how casual, yet chic this outfit is! Using a pair of jeans and white sneakers is definitely the way to go when dressing down a blouse or a more attention-grabbing top. I would totally wear this for travelling or even for a day at school. It is functional and comfortable yet is still super stylish!

Happy Monday!


OOTD: Spotted


Shop this look: Zara blouse | RW&Co denim (out of season; similar here) | Guess belt | Sam Edelman heels | Danier bag (oos; similar here | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here) | Melanie Lyne crystal studded metal hinge bangle (Cartier dupe!) | Guess lion bracelet | Aldo medallion (oos; similar here)

I have always loved leopard print and I finally have a blouse in this print! I was so excited to finally be able to wear it! Styling this blouse with white denim brightens the overall outfit and lightens the look for Spring. Alternatively, I would wear this blouse with white or blue denim shorts in the Summer, and a black skirt or pants for the Fall and Winter.

Happy Monday, xox


Zara Spring Favourites

Spring will be upon us soon and so will the warmer and sunnier days. It is time to put the coats and boots away and to bring out bright and light clothing! Even though I will not be going out and buying these items, it is still nice to browse and to see which trends are more prominent for this new season. Below, I am sharing my favourite Spring pieces from Zara.

Image 1 of TUXEDO JACKET from Zara

Tuxedo Jacket

I would style this with denim shorts, heels, and a lace cami bodysuit or a band tee for a more casual look.

Image 6 of  from Zara

Dark Khaki Duster Coat

Style with white denim and white heels, or light-coloured trousers and wedges for an airy yet sophisticated look.

Image 1 of LINGERIE-STYLE TOP from Zara

Lingerie-Style Top in white

Definitely an essential piece to any wardrobe. Very versatile for numerous outfit combinations and occasions!

Image 1 of SHIRT WITH POCKETS from Zara

Shirt With Pockets in coral

Image 2 of SHIRT WITH POCKETS from Zara

Shirt With Pockets in pink

Pink- and coral-coloured blouses are probably my favourite items to wear during the Spring. Brighter and more saturated colours bring out one’s skin tone in a lively manner. My favourite way to style a top such as this is with white denim, to really bring out the colour.

Image 6 of BUTTONED BLAZER from Zara

Buttoned Blazer in pink

Definitely love pink blazers, considering I own a pink blazer and it is one of my most worn pieces for Spring. Can be worn casually with a white tee and denim shorts, or as a set for the office.

Image 4 of HALTER TOP DRESS from Zara

Halter Top Dress

I love wearing bold-coloured maxi dresses, especially for late-night dinners during the Summer or for tropical vacations.

Image 2 of STRIPED PRINTED SHIRT from Zara

Striped Printed Shirt

Major nautical vibe with this shirt! Style with white skinny jeans and heels, white loose trousers and wedges, or even white cotton shorts and sandals. The white bottoms help make the blue of the shirt more saturated and more appealing to the eyes.


Animal Print Triangular Swimsuit

Nothing gets you ready for Summer like a cute bathing suit!


OOTD: Holiday Gold

Shop this look: Le Château sweater (oos; similar here) | H&M skirt (oos; similar here) | Melanie Lyne hinge bangle bracelet (oos; similar here) | Sam Edelman leopard heels

Such a festive outfit for New Years celebrations, especially with the sparkly gold sweater! I paired this top with a plain black pencil skirt, which can be found in most wardrobes. This makes it very convenient for an office to night out look; all you have to do is switch out your top! Moreover, animal print has been such a hit this year, so you will definitely look like the fashionista that you are with the leopard print heels. Although this outfit has a lot of character and is a little bit flashier than normal, it is elegant and cohesive. By staying within the same colour palette throughout (black and gold tones), the entire outfit flows very nicely. 


Favourites of Fall 2018 Fashion: Leopard Print

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 9.08.42 PM

1 Zara Leopard Print Jacquard Coat

2 Gucci Leopard Print Modal Silk Shawl

3 Christian Louboutin Panettone Wallet

4 1901 Cotton Voile Blouse

5 Gucci Leopard Princetown Pony Mules

6 Sam Edelman Hazel Pointed Toe Heel in Sand Leopard Brahma

7 Frame Denim Leopard Print Button Down Silk Blouse

8 Zara Lingerie-Style Leopard Print Top

9 Gucci Leopard Sylvie Mini Pony Tote Bag


Fashion · Money Saving Tips

End of Summer Sale Looks!

Sale Item: White Denim


See full outfit details HERE

FullSizeRender 17

See full outfit post HERE

FullSizeRender 36

See full outfit post HERE

FullSizeRender 194

See full outfit post HERE


See full outfit details HERE

FullSizeRender 253

Infinity necklace (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full outfit post HERE


Watch (use code LILY20 for 20% off)

See full outfit post HERE

FullSizeRender 117

FullSizeRender 116

Nail bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full outfit post HERE


Blouse | Arrow bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!) | Leaf bracelet (use code LILYBEFL25 for 25% off!)

See full outfit post HERE

Sale Item: Pink Ruffle Blouse


See full outfit details HERE

Sale Item: Blue Cold Shoulder Blouse


Sale Item: White Denim Cutoff Shorts


FullSizeRender 2

FullSizeRender 55

Watch (use code LILY20 for 20% off!) | Arrow bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full outfit post HERE

Sale Item: White Sneakers

OOTD: Monochrome x Pink

Hat (use code LILYBELF20 for 20% off!) | Sippy cup

See full outfit post HERE


See outfit details HERE



Sale Item: Leopard Print Heels

FullSizeRender 167

FullSizeRender 172

 Leaf bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full outfit post HERE


See full outfit details HERE

FullSizeRender 61

See full outfit post HERE






OOTD: Little Black Dress

FullSizeRender 58FullSizeRender 60FullSizeRender 64FullSizeRender 61FullSizeRender 62FullSizeRender 59

Shop this look: H&M dress (oos; similar here) | Sam Edelman heels (on sale!) | Danier bag (oos; similar here)

This outfit is simple to put together, yet is super stylish! By using a monotone palette and by coordinating metallics, it makes the whole ensemble seem more luxurious and expensive than what it actually is. I purchased the dress from H&M over three years ago for approximately $50. It has served so well, and I have worn it for so many diverse occasions; graduation, dinner, lunch date and everyday errands. Owning a little black dress as such is a very practical investment piece, and can be easily dressed up or down according to the occasion. I really like how there are drawstrings at the waist to help bring out an hourglass figure. Alternatively, it could be cinched using a waist belt.

By keeping to a neutral colour palette with solid prints, I can draw more attention to the only printed item: my leopard print heels! They are currently on sale for 20% off and are totally a worthwhile purchase! They are DEFINITELY the most comfortable high heels I own.

Have a nice days my lovelies!


Huge Spring Roundup


Chanel Bag




 Blouse (50% off!)


Blouse (on sale now!) |  Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum


Denim shorts (25% off!)

FullSizeRender 23

FullSizeRender 29

Bag | Pearl earrings

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 19

FullSizeRender 17

Jeans | Bag

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 44

FullSizeRender 29

Kenneth Cole NY oversized blazer | Pearl earrings

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 38

FullSizeRender 10


See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 36

Jeans | Bag | Booties (on sale now!!!)

See full post HERE


Denim | Sneakers (51% off)

See outfit details HERE

FullSizeRender 117

FullSizeRender 116

Jeans | Nail bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 139

Bag | Booties (on sale!) | Nail bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 167

FullSizeRender 172

ShoesLeaf bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full post HERE


Sneakers (51% off)


Denim overalls (50% off!) | Sneakers (51% off)

FullSizeRender 179

Blouse in black | Pearl studs

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 194

Track jacket |  Jeans

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 198

Hat (use code LILYBELF20 for 20% off!) | Sneakers (51% off) |  Sippy cup

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 232

FullSizeRender 245

Blouse in taupe pinkDenim | Wedges (tan; black; fuschia options) | Nail bracelet | Leaf bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

See full post HERE


Denim | Bag | Watch (use code LILY20 for 20% off!)

See full post HERE

FullSizeRender 253

Denim | Infinity necklace (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)




OOTD: Leopard Pumps

FullSizeRender 164FullSizeRender 175FullSizeRender 177FullSizeRender 169FullSizeRender 168FullSizeRender 171FullSizeRender 172FullSizeRender 166FullSizeRender 174FullSizeRender 173FullSizeRender 165FullSizeRender 170FullSizeRender 176IMG_6050FullSizeRender 167

Shop this look: RW&Co blouse (oos; find similar here) | Kensie jeans (oos; find similar here) | Sam Edelman leopard heels | Polo Ralph Lauren belt (oos; find similar here) | Danier bag (oos; find similar here) | Melanie Lyne nail bracelet | Melanie Lyne screw and crystal bracelet | Civion leaf bracelet

I have worn various combinations of this outfit and love them all! This blouse is one of my favourites and is definitely a piece I wear often. I like to marry  different shoes and bags, which helps create new outfits ideas with a limited wardrobe. However, I still try to coordinate the colour of my bag, belt, and shoes, as to create cohesion throughout the entire look. In this case, my black leather bag is paired with my black belt, which pulls the black from the leopard print shoes. Speaking of, these Sam Edelman heels are the comfiest heels I have ever worn! I could last all day in these babies! The shoe model is called Hazel, and comes in numerous colours and print, some of which are on sale right now!

As for accessories, I coordinate my metallics, as I have previously mentioned in other outfit posts. For this particulate look, my metallic of choice was gold; from the bracelets, to earrings, to belt buckle, to the bag chain. I am that person that likes everything to match in order to create a sense of uniformity. I am especially loving my leaf bracelet, purchased from Civion, a jewelry company based in New York. Their products are really lovely and are so easy to pair with any outfit! Use promo code LILYBELF25 for 25% off your next Civion purchase!


Fashion · Insta Recaps

Instagram Recap: March 2018


OOTD: Cream Tweed Blazer

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.16.23 AM

Inspiration Tuesday- Navy and White

IMG_5053Shop this look: RW&Co blouse (oos; find similar here) | Kensie jeans (oos; find similar here) | Sam Edelman leopard heels | Aldo sunglasses (oos; find similar here)


Spring where are you?

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 12.30.42 AM

Inspiration Tuesday- Wineberry for Work


Inspiration Tuesday- Pastel Purple for Easter


Shop this look: Karl Lagerfeld blouse (oos; find similar here) | linen pants (oos; find similar here) | Chanel brooch


OOTD: Pink Sleeveless Blouse

IMG_5139IMG_5190IMG_5217FullSizeRender 23FullSizeRender 29

OOTD: Leopard Print Detail



OOTD: Leopard Print Detail

FullSizeRender 19FullSizeRender 23FullSizeRender 24FullSizeRender 29FullSizeRender 21FullSizeRender 20FullSizeRender 18FullSizeRender 27FullSizeRender 28FullSizeRender 30FullSizeRender 32FullSizeRender 31FullSizeRender 17FullSizeRender 25FullSizeRender 26FullSizeRender 15

Shop this look: RW&Co blouse (oos; find similar here) | Guess belt (oos; find similar here) | Kensie jeans (oos; find similar here) | Michael Kors tote bag in colour luggage | pearl earrings

This is probably one of my favourite outfit combinations! It is simple, yet the cold-shoulder cut and ruffles of the blouse in addition to the leopard print belt make it bold. Also, I am absolutely in LOVE with this blouse! Definitely a best-loved in my wardrobe! It can be worn in numerous styles, such as romantic, edgy, and even business. It is not shown in the pictures, but I wore brown leather lace up booties to complete the look, as seen below.


Shop this look: Aldo booties (on sale now!!!)

I wore these booties almost everyday in Fall 2016 and Fall 2017 and they are still holding strong. They are SUPER comfortable, and the heel is not too high, so they are still practical for walking around campus.

Have a nice rest of your week:)


What’s In My Shopping Cart

Hello everyone! There are currently numerous end-of-winter/spring sales going on, and so I thought I would share with you some items that I am currently craving or that I have in my shopping cart. A winter to spring transition can sometimes be a little challenging, so now is the best time get it done! I know my spring wardrobe definitely needs updating! Enjoy!

Butterfly Sleeve Ponte Blazer, Blue, hi-res

Melanie Lyne Butterfly Sleeve Ponte Blazer

Topshop MOTO Oversized Denim Jacket

Le Château Crêpe de Chine V-Neck Blouse in Pink

Image 1 of PUFF SLEEVE SHIRT from Zara

Zara Puff Sleeve Shirt

Image 2 of PLEATED LINEN TOP from Zara

Zara Pleated Linen Top


Zara Poplin Shirt with Ribbed Placket

Calvin Klein Iconic Logo T-Shirt (50% off now!!!)

Calvin Klein Mandarin Collar Exposed Zip Roll-Up Sleeve Top in Black (50% off now!!!)

Solid Cami Blouse

RW&Co Solid Cami Blouse in Black

Dynamite Satin Cami with Lace

Dynamite Satin Cami with Lace

Cami with Adjustable Straps

RW&Co Cami with Adjustable Straps in Snow White

These polyester camisoles are so very practical. They are great for layering under sheer blouses, and are thin enough to wear underneath a cardigan or blazer.

Dynamite Belted Wrap Front Maxi Dress

Image 2 of FAUX LEATHER MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara Faux Leather Mini Skirt

Image 3 of MID-RISE BASIC MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara Mid-Rise Basic Mini Skirt

Image 2 of FAUX SUEDE MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara Faux Suede Mini Skirt


Zara Jogging Trousers with Side Stripes

DKNY Large Leather Shopper Tote (on sale now!!!)

I always opt for tote bags so that I can use them for school. They are large enough that I can fit my Mac and other school books.

Sam Edelman Hazel Pointed Toe Heel in Black Leather

My order has just arrived today, and they are definitely the COMFIEST heels I have ever worn. I also have these in Sand Leopard Brahma. Best heels ever!!!

Nine West Mana Leather Stiletto Sandals in Peach

Aldo Myly in Bone Suede

Main Image - kate spade new york calfskin leather belt

Kate Spade New York Calfskin Leather Belt in Black

Main Image - Ray-Ban Standard Original 58mm Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Standard Original 58mm Aviator Sunglasses in Brown

Aldo Moano in Milk (on sale now!!!)


Fashion Finds: High Heels


Hazel Pointed Toe Heel in Bright White Leather (on sale now!)


Hazel Pointed Toe Heel in Sand Leopard Brahma



Hazel Pointed Toe Heel in Navy Denim


Fiolla in Pink Misc (on sale now!)


Tilley in Bordeaux (on sale now!)

 Yaro Ankle Strap Sandal by Sam Edelman - Classic Nude Leather - View 1

Yaro Ankle Strap Sandal in Classic Nude Leather


Michael Kors Ashby Flex Pump in Pink (on sale now!)


Imagine Vince Camuto Olive Black Velvet Pumps


Kain Velvet Pumps in Wine


Gianvito Rossi Pink Satin 105 Pumps


Christian Louboutin Pink Suede Decoltish 100 Pumps


Aquazzura Red Suede Love Tassel 110 Pumps


Manolo Blahnik Velvet Logia Bow 110 Pumps


Jimmy Choo Shocking Pink Romy 100 Pumps


Pigalle 85 Nude Patent Leather Pumps

The best for last 🙂

Insta Recaps

Instagram Recap: October 2017


Shop this picture: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum | Ralph Lauren Amor de Cacharel (discontinued) | Ralph Lauren Romance Eau de Parfum | Polo Ralph Lauren Lauren for Her (30% off now!) | Chanel Coco Parfum


Shop this look: dress from RW&Co (50% off now!)



Shop this look: leather jacket from Danier Leather (on sale now!) | jeans by Kensie (no longer available) | blouse from RW&Co (find similar here) | belt from Guess (find similar here) (on sale now!)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of my looks from the series “13 Days of Halloween Makeup” can be found in the Tab entitled 13 Days of Halloween Makeup under Beauty. Or, you can find all the links below. Furthermore, I was only able to complete 11 of 13 looks, due to lack of time. This year was the first time I did any type of series with a deadline, and thus underestimated the amount of time it would take to complete. I have learned from my mistakes, and am excited to try again next year!

Sugar Skull






Morticia Addams

Broken Pumpkin



Arabian Nights



Happy Halloween!

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13 Days of Halloween Makeup-Leopard

Hello everyone! I am back with my third look in my series “13 Days of Halloween Makeup”! I was very excited to do this particular look because I have never attempted drawing leopard spots (they look so hard to do, but are actually very simple!) and leopards are actually my favourite animals!

FullSizeRender 97

FullSizeRender 89

FullSizeRender 91

FullSizeRender 87

Time: 45-6- minutes

Difficulty: 4/10

For this look, I used 4 different shades of eyeshadow, lots of liquid eyeliner, white face paint, and translucent white setting powder.

I started off with my normal makeup, which include mascara, eyebrow pencil, foundation, and bronzer for contouring. Next, I filled my lids with dark brown eyeshadow, which I then blended upwards, above my crease with a lighter brown eyeshadow. I blended this colour to the insides of my eyes, then down the sides of my nose. I later used this same brown colour to further contour my cheekbones. I then used my white face paint and created to winged sections under my eyes, a band across the width of my nose, and from my nose to my chin, to create a snout-like area. It was a little challenging spreading it evenly and consistently. Also, for the white under my eyes, once it dried, I used a wet Q-tip to define the shape.  Once dry, I set the paint with a translucent, white power. Now comes the amusing part. I used eyeliner to line my top lashes and along the bottom of the white under my eyes. Afterwards, I coloured the tip of my nose with the eye liner, and dragged a line from under my nostrils to my top lip. Lastly, I filled in my top lip. The last step of this look is the spots. With my liquid eyeliner applicator, I made spots in a C-shaped manner. The trick is to have fun with them, add thickness and curves in your lines, and try not to be too precise. I made smaller spots near my “snout” and in between my eyebrows. It is very subtle, however I filled in the spots with a nude eye shadow colour to create dimension. I finished with little dots along my upper lip to imitate whiskers.

I finalized this look with two buns, one on each side of my head, to emulate a leopard’s ears.

Hope you enjoy! Leave me your thoughts down below:)