OOTD: Ardor


Shop this look: Dynamite blouse (out of season; similar here) | Dynamite shorts (oos; similar here) | Aldo shoes (oos; similar here) | Aldo bag (oos; similar here) | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here) | Leopard print bracelet

A bright and colourful look to take on the Summer heat! Spice up your wardrobe with a hot pink blouse, or any colour of your choice, and be up to date with 2019’s neon fashion trend. Instead of purchasing something that will be out of style later and that you will not be able to reuse, try finding something that suits your body type, personal style and personality and that you will be able to mix with many items in your current wardrobe.

As much as I like more of a classic wardrobe with neutral tones, I find myself drawn to very saturated colours for the Summer. It makes me think of the Amalfi coast, with its vivid azure ocean and magenta-coloured flowers found throughout the towns.

Image result for amalfi

See some of my more colourful outfit ideas below:


OOTD: Camellia


Shop this look: Le Château sweater (on sale!) | Lauren Ralph Lauren Carrington Brigitte bag (oos) | RW&Co denim (oos; similar here) | Nine West heels (on sale!) | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here)

I have basically been living in white and pink combinations recently! Loving this palette for Spring though. I find the easiest way to make a large number of different outfits with a small selection of clothing is building the core of your outfit in neutral colours and adding one item of colour/print to make it unique from all the other outfit combinations. You have probably noticed a lot of white-based outfits recently, yet all the outfits differ from each other and have their own twist. I only have one pair of white denim and only one white camisole, which is more than enough to build that basic outfit from which you can then add something special.


OOTD: Cherry Blossom


Shop this look: Vince Camuto blazer (out of season; similar here) | RW&Co denim (oos; similar here) | Dynamite lace bodysuit | Nine West heels (on sale!) | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here) | Walmart aviators (oos; similar here) | Roots Canada watch (from 12 years ago)

A light and airy look perfect for the brighter and warmer days of Spring! By using neutral-coloured basics as the core of the look, it is easy to vary the outfit by using different jackets/blazers and accessories. This season, I am totally loving wearing my white lace bodysuit paired with my white denim jeans; they are definitely on repeat and will be seen quite often. All I have to do is interchange certain pieces, my shoes, and my handbag to get a whole new outfit.

Being a university student with a VERY limited budget, I cannot afford to continually buy new things or to make a new purchase when something else is on trend. By purchasing neutral and basic pieces, I can make many more different outfits with a smaller amount of clothes. Definitely looking at quality and structure of the garment helps to keep clothing longer and helps to elevate your personal style and elegance. As much as fast fashion is very tempting, it ends up costing you more long-term.


OOTD: Pink Tweed


Shop this look: Karl Lagerfeld Paris tweed jacket (on sale!) | RW&Co denim (out of season; similar here) | Dynamite lace bodysuit | Guess bracelet | Ivanka Trump heels (oos; similar here) | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here)

Such a feminine outfit for Spring! This tweed jacket is new and I am so excited to wear it! Styled with soft and delicate tones and dainty jewelry, this look is very elegant. Alternatively, this ensemble can be dressed up or down with different shoes, bags, and accessories. For a more casual look, one could wear white sneakers with a tote bag or small leather backpack.


OOTD: Dusty Pink


Shop this look: Lilysilk blouse (buy 1 get 1 40%) | RW&Co denim (oos; similar here) | Dynamite lace bodysuit | Ivanka Trump heels (oos; similar here) | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here) | Guess twisted metal cuff (David Yurman dupe!) | Melanie Lyne crystal studded metal hinge bangle (Cartier dupe!)

I ordered this blouse sometime this year after seeing Sophie Shohet wearing it in one of her youtube videos. It is such an elegant blouse and I love the gold and pearl detailing on the collar. It is a classic cut yet is unique in its details. This piece can be dressed up or dressed down, whether it is for a dressy, casual, or business look.

That being said, I am definitely feeling the blush and white vibes this Spring, as seen with all the other blush and white outfits that are to come, and I hope you are too! Until next time, xox.


Zara Spring Favourites

Spring will be upon us soon and so will the warmer and sunnier days. It is time to put the coats and boots away and to bring out bright and light clothing! Even though I will not be going out and buying these items, it is still nice to browse and to see which trends are more prominent for this new season. Below, I am sharing my favourite Spring pieces from Zara.

Image 1 of TUXEDO JACKET from Zara

Tuxedo Jacket

I would style this with denim shorts, heels, and a lace cami bodysuit or a band tee for a more casual look.

Image 6 of  from Zara

Dark Khaki Duster Coat

Style with white denim and white heels, or light-coloured trousers and wedges for an airy yet sophisticated look.

Image 1 of LINGERIE-STYLE TOP from Zara

Lingerie-Style Top in white

Definitely an essential piece to any wardrobe. Very versatile for numerous outfit combinations and occasions!

Image 1 of SHIRT WITH POCKETS from Zara

Shirt With Pockets in coral

Image 2 of SHIRT WITH POCKETS from Zara

Shirt With Pockets in pink

Pink- and coral-coloured blouses are probably my favourite items to wear during the Spring. Brighter and more saturated colours bring out one’s skin tone in a lively manner. My favourite way to style a top such as this is with white denim, to really bring out the colour.

Image 6 of BUTTONED BLAZER from Zara

Buttoned Blazer in pink

Definitely love pink blazers, considering I own a pink blazer and it is one of my most worn pieces for Spring. Can be worn casually with a white tee and denim shorts, or as a set for the office.

Image 4 of HALTER TOP DRESS from Zara

Halter Top Dress

I love wearing bold-coloured maxi dresses, especially for late-night dinners during the Summer or for tropical vacations.

Image 2 of STRIPED PRINTED SHIRT from Zara

Striped Printed Shirt

Major nautical vibe with this shirt! Style with white skinny jeans and heels, white loose trousers and wedges, or even white cotton shorts and sandals. The white bottoms help make the blue of the shirt more saturated and more appealing to the eyes.


Animal Print Triangular Swimsuit

Nothing gets you ready for Summer like a cute bathing suit!


OOTD: Pink

Shop this look: Le Château sweater (on sale!) | Dynamite leather pants (out of season; similar here + on sale!) | Lady Hathaway coat (oos; similar here) | Danier bag (oos; similar here) | H&M booties (oos; similar here) | Guess bracelet

Loving this all pink & black look! It is feminine, edgy, and perfect for cold weather, all at once! This sweater is actually retailed as an over-the-shoulder sweater (as seen HERE), however I like to also wear it as a cowl-neck sweater. It is a great money-saving trick I use; I basically get two sweaters for the cost of one. Alternatively, this outfit can be recreated in a similar way with other colour combinations, once again using black as a neutral backdrop with coordinated accents of colour in the top and accessories.


OOTD: Off-the-Shoulder Rose


Shop this look: Le Château sweater (on sale!) | Calvin Klein Jeans jeggings (oos; similar here) | Guess belt (oos; similar here) | Michael Kors bag (“luggage” colour is oos) | Aldo booties (oos; similar here)

I purchased this sweater this summer, and was very excited to wear it for the first time last week at school! I decided to pair it with my black jeggings, which I absolutely love! Unlike black denim, that tends to wash out really quick, these do not fade. Moreover, they feel like leggings, but look like jeans, with belts loops and back pockets!

If you have seen most of my other OOTD posts, you will notice I almost always wear gold hardware. However, I decided to opt for silver metallics, as I thought it completed the cool undertones of the sweater. Also, the face of my watch matched the pink colour, so I figured, why not haha! I finished this look with my favourite brown booties (I swear I wear these everyday  throughout Fall and Spring), and my brown leather tote. The bag is still available for purchase, but the colour “luggage” is not longer available 😦 There are multiple other options though, ranging from maroon, to blush, to black, as seen in the link above.

Have a nice week, xox

Fashion · Inspiration Tuesday

Inspiration Tuesday: Black, White & Pink Athletic

Inspiration Tuesday: Black, White & Pink Athletic

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I love wearing athletic clothes to run errands and for those lazy days around the house. Of course being a pink kind of girl, I added those colourful accents to personalize this outfit.  I actually wear a similar outfit very frequently, as seen below. I did use the same hat for both pictures today. Be sure to use my promo code, LILYBELF20 for 20% off your next Halifornia purchase!

OOTD: Monochrome x Pink

See full outfit post HERE


OOTD: Hot Pink Western

FullSizeRender 249

FullSizeRender 250FullSizeRender 252FullSizeRender 248FullSizeRender 247FullSizeRender 251FullSizeRender 253

Shop this look: Gap blouse (oos; similar here) | RW&Co denim | Civion infinity necklace (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

I love this look for late Spring/ Summer! During the warmer season, I am all for bright colours that pop, especially pinks (my favourite colour if your have not already noticed)! Funny thing about this shirt, my mom purchased it about 20 years ago, and gave it to me about 6 years ago, but yet still looks brand new! I don’t quite understand how it has lasted so long, or better yet kept its colour so well, but I am not complaining lol!

For Spring/Summer, I prefer wearing white jeans as it makes for a brighter outfit and also brings out the saturation and colours of my tops. In this case, the white denim really makes the hot pink the focal point and enhances its original hues. Moreover, I have paired this look with silver accents, to coordinate with the silver and pearl buttons on the top. I am particular that way, I always try to match my metallics, almost like a colour OCD. The silver-toned bracelet is actually a gift my grandmother brought back from Greece, and so I cannot link where to purchase it. However, the silver infinity necklace is a rather new addition to my wardrobe through a collaboration with Civion. Part of this partnership is a discount for my followers, as seen above, so be sure to make use of it in your next purchase!




OOTD: Coral Pink

FullSizeRender 242FullSizeRender 229FullSizeRender 230FullSizeRender 232FullSizeRender 231FullSizeRender 240FullSizeRender 233FullSizeRender 237FullSizeRender 234FullSizeRender 236FullSizeRender 241FullSizeRender 239FullSizeRender 245FullSizeRender 238Shop this look: Melanie Lyne blouse (oos; pink & white options here) | RW&Co denim | Aldo bag (oos; similar here) | Aldo wedges (tan; black; fuschia options) | Civion nail bracelet | Civion leaf bracelet | Melanie Lyne crystal & screw bracelet (similar here)

This is one of my favourite Spring-to-Summer transition outfits! I love being able to wear colourful and lightweight blouses, and combining them with white denim jeans when it is still a little chilly out. The white really accentuates the vibrant colours and make them pop. Paired with my gold metallic accents, this look is perfect for everyday errands and can be worn into the night for dinner.

Furthermore, I am teaming up with Civion, a small jewelry company based in NY. Their products are the perfect touch to complete my outfits and really bring them to life! I find their bracelets especially lovely! Use promo code LILYBELF25 for 25% off your next Civion purchase!

Fashion · Inspiration Tuesday

Inspiration Tuesday: Tropical Goddess

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.44.04 PM

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I found this dress while doing some online shopping for new summer dresses and instantly fell in love! The colour is so vibrant and emanates a hot and breezy tropical summer night. Paired with the gold accessories really brings the pink tones to life and creates a goddess-like aura. This is definitely one jaw-dropping dining out outfit!


OOTD: Barbie

FullSizeRender 14FullSizeRender 9FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 11FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 17FullSizeRender 27FullSizeRender 26FullSizeRender 16FullSizeRender 25FullSizeRender 19FullSizeRender 7FullSizeRender 12FullSizeRender 23FullSizeRender 20

Shop this look: Dynamite blouse (out of season; find similar here) | RW&Co jeans | Michael Kors tote bag in colour luggage | Reitman’s cardigan (oos; find similar here) | Ardene bracelet (oos; find similar here & here) | gold earrings (oos; find similar here)

Wearing this outfit, I feel like Barbie! I LOVE the bright pink colour of the blouse and it makes me feel feminine and empowered. Paired with the white jeans really made the pink pop! I styled this outfit with a brown leather tote and brown ankle booties (I always coordinate my shoes and bag colour, kind of OCD in that way), but could of been worn with a black bag and black shoes instead. However, I wanted to stray from the black and white and bring out some warmer earth tones. Just like how I coordinate my shoes and bag, I always coordinate my metallics. I will either wear all gold, or all silver. For this look, I went with gold, as seen with the metallic gold accents on my bag, earrings, and bracelet. Overall though, I wear more gold than silver. It just so happens I have more gold accents in my wardrobe, and to be honest, I like how it brings out the metallic sheen in my hair.

Ideally, I would of worn this outfit as is, but it is still cold outside. Thus, the black cardigan, which later was paired with a black pea coat. Just when I thought it was getting warmer, the opposite happens. In fact, it was snowing all day today and yesterday 😦 I hope that wherever you are reading this from has a little bit more sunshine!

Have a nice weekend!




OOTD: Pink Sleeveless Blouse

IMG_5135FullSizeRender 13IMG_5143FullSizeRender 11IMG_5144

Shop this look: Laura blouse (oos; find similar here) | Tommy Hilfiger cardigan (oos; find similar here) | Kensie jeans (oos; find similar here)

Even though this is a Spring/Summer sleeveless blouse, I still enjoy wearing it year round. During the colder days, I simply pair it with a cardigan, as seen above. Alternatively, this can be worn with a blazer and tucked into a pencil skirt or dress pants for a more business formal look. This cannot be seen in the pictures, however, the upper portion of the back of this blouse is actually a criss-cross pattern of strips of the same material. This is what initially drew me to this garment, and it adds a subtle yet fun detail to it.


When it starts to get warmer outside, I would wear this blouse with white denim or denim shorts, paired with sandals and a cute leather shoulder bag. The one I have in mind is a white leather bag embossed with roses by Karl Lagerfeld (see below).


Outfit details for the last two pictures can be found here: My Go-To Outfit Formula for School

Have a nice week:)

Insta Recaps

Instagram Recap: February 2018


So excited for spring!


Inspiration Tuesday: Pink x Black


Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 4.23.26 PM

Parisian Glam Room Decor Inspiration

Instagram Recap: February 2018

Inspiration Tuesday- Rose

Inspiration Tuesday- Rose


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Instagram Recap: February 2018

Shop this look: Elizabeth Arden lipstick (holiday special edition; find similar here) | Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum


Shop this look: Vince Camuto blazer (oos; find similar here) | Calvin Klein tee (oos; find similar here) | Calvin Klein denim | Danier bag (oos; find similar here) | Converse sneakers (oos; find similar here) | Roots Canada watch (oos; find similar here)


Spring Break Essentials


Shop this look: Chanel bag (Fall 2017 limited edition; find similar here) | RW&Co blouse (oos; find similar here) | Zara joggers

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 12.00.45 PM

Inspiration Tuesday- Romantic Ruffles


Shop this look: Zara blouse (oos; find similar here) | Chanel bag (Fall 2017 limited edition; find similar here) | Ivanka Trump heels (oos; find similar here) | Kensie jeans (oos; find similar here)


Fashion · Inspiration Tuesday

Inspiration Tuesday- Rose

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.46.05 PM1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

This look is all about playing up wardrobe basics. We are using a basic white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, nude patent pumps, and a black structured bag, all of which are found in almost all closets. For this particular look, I would wear the t-shirt in a half-tuck. The focal item of this outfit is the blazer; giving a twist to an ordinary workwear item with a pop of colour and an amusing cut.


Parisian Glam Room Decor Inspiration

Lately, I have been very influenced by Parisian style and decor, which, after hours of browsing the web, lead me to find numerous fashion illustrations. I was absolutely inspired to redecorate my bedroom then and there, but quickly came back down to earth and remembered that I am a university student on a tight budget. A girl can dream…anyhow, now I am here creating this post. Using a soft pink, white, and pewter colour palette, I combined Parisian and glam decor styles to create my dream bedroom. I am also sharing the illustrations that initially sparked the idea. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 4.23.26 PM

1. Toile Pillow

Toile, also known as “toile de Jouy”, consists of a light background depicting a scenery that is repeated throughout the fabric. Originating from Jouy-en-Josas, a commune 19km south-west of Paris, this print is commonly associated with French style.


2. Decorative Boxes

These boxes create a stylish storage alternative and add romantic hues to the overall space. I already own four floral boxes, not these exact ones but of a similar style, and I find them so practical for organizing!


3. Lattice Area Rug

Having a rug in your room is not only stylish, but helps to illuminate it as well. Especially with a lighter rug colour, the light can reflect more easily and definitely brings a room to life!

4. Chandelier

This chandelier is perfect for a smaller space such as a bedroom. The metal-wire filigree adds to the romantic style.

5. Vanity Tray

The elegant floral-patterned frame with an antique-style finish ties in the vintage Paris vibes. Very useful for putting away your jewelry of the day and some perfume bottles.


6. Accessories Illustration

Created by Alison Gordon Studio, this wall art brings forth my love of fashion and all things pink!

7. Coco Mademoiselle Illustration

Alison Gordon showcases her artistic talents with this Coco Mademoiselle drawing. Nothing says classy and elegant like Chanel!

8. Café Fleur Illustration

Alison Gordon’s illustration portrays the ease of life and the “joie de vivre” of Parisians.

9. Chair

The pale wooden frame ornamented with flowers demonstrates well the french style. This chair is influenced by the reign of Louis XV, in which the cartouche-shaped seat backs were framed with moulded wood. The crest rail and legs featured rococo carvings of gold leaves and flowers. This era of style is further characterized by cabriole-shaped legs placed at an angle.


10. Mirror

This gorgeous mirror features rococo detailing once again, with the gold leaves and cherubs.


11. Fluffy Pillow

An amusing way of adding another touch of pink to the room! This soft and playful wool brings comfort and  repose.

12. Writing Desk

The sleek and contemporary design of this desk balances out the romantic and embellishing ambiance of the room. The white colour brings simplicity and elegance.

Below are the drawings that inspired me to write this post. These beautiful illustrations are created by Lalana Arts, who is very talented!


Lounge Outfit Ideas I’m Totally Loving

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.56.17 AM

Shop This Look

1 Michael Kors sneakers

2 Ivy Park leggings

3 Rose cable knit hat with rose pompom

4 Black leggings

5 Pink cable knit hat with faux fur pompom

6 Black paneled leggings

7 Gold baseball cap

8 Black leggings with sheer strip at calf

9 Pink lace-up hoodie

10 Nike cropped pullover

11 Fila cropped hoodie

12 Adidas cropped hoodie

13 Pink knit hat with pompom

14 White sneakers with gold hook accent

15 Grey cropped hoodie

16 Pink cropped hoodie

17 Pink brunette pullover sweater

18 Pink beaded sweatshirt

19 Adidas white and pink sneakers

20 White cropped hoodie

21 White sneaker with gold heel

22 Pink hoodie