OOTD: Parisian


Shop this look: Karl Lagerfeld Paris blouse (out of season; similar here) | Kensie denim (similar here) | Sam Edelman heels | Calvin Klein denim jacket (similar here) | Lauren Ralph Lauren scarf (oos; similar here) | Danier bag (oos; similar here) | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here) | Gold bracelet & earring set from Spain | Chanel sunglasses

A classic black and white look that will never go out of style! Even though it is a monotone outfit, there are numerous feminine touches that create its charm; the lace collar, the detailed buttons, the dainty gold jewelry and the silk scarf on the handle of the bag.


OOTD: Camellia


Shop this look: Le Château sweater (on sale!) | Lauren Ralph Lauren Carrington Brigitte bag (oos) | RW&Co denim (oos; similar here) | Nine West heels (on sale!) | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here)

I have basically been living in white and pink combinations recently! Loving this palette for Spring though. I find the easiest way to make a large number of different outfits with a small selection of clothing is building the core of your outfit in neutral colours and adding one item of colour/print to make it unique from all the other outfit combinations. You have probably noticed a lot of white-based outfits recently, yet all the outfits differ from each other and have their own twist. I only have one pair of white denim and only one white camisole, which is more than enough to build that basic outfit from which you can then add something special.


Timeless Capsule Wardrobe: Shoes

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.56.01 PM


Black Leather Boots

Black boots are essential to any closet, especially when living in a four-season country! There are so many different styles, cuts, colours, and heel height options to shop, so when it comes time to find the ones for you, there are so many choices! Here are some links to shop: Charles David | Valentino Garavani | Christian Louboutin

Leather Riding Boots

This style of boot comes from English riding designs, specifically those of field boots, dress boots and hunt boots. Field boots were traditionally worn by military officers ranked “field officers” and are characterized by their black colour and lacing at the upper front part of the boot, which offered more flexibility. Dress boots are similar to field boots, however they do not have any lacing and are more structured. They are also mainly black in colour and some are cut extra high on the outside of the knee for added style. Lastly, hunt boots, which are traditionally worn for fox hunting, are much the same as dress boots, however they have a cuff at the top of the boot. Here are some links to shop: Lauren Ralph Lauren | Frye | Tory Burch



Sandals are perfect for warmer-weather seasons as they leave almost the entire foot exposed. There are 23 different types of sandals, all of which alternate materials, cuts, and colours. There are numerous ways one can style sandals, and they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Here are some links to shop: Christian Louboutin | Saint Laurent | Chloé


Black Heels

If I could choose only one shoe to have, it would be a black heel. This is definitely the most classic shoe that has ever existed, and can be styled into virtually any outfit. Since this shoe will most likely be your most-worn one, it is important to prioritize quality and comfort. Paying a higher price for a shoe that will last you much longer saves time, money, and energy. Here are some links to shop: Versace | Christian Louboutin | Prada


Nude Heels (or White Heels)

Nude- or white-coloured heels are almost just as much of a classic as black heels. These are more typically worn during warmer seasons with lighter-coloured outfits. Here are some links to shop: Saint Laurent | Sam Edelman | Manolo Blahnik

Black Flats

Another great classic and a perfect alternative to heels, but with added comfort. This style of shoe is inspired by a ballet shoe and consists of a little or no heel. Just like heels, flats can be styled in multiple outfits, no matter the occasion. Here are some links to shop:  Salvatore Ferragamo |Tory Burch | Taryn Rose Collection


White Sneakers

White sneakers are my go-to casual shoe! They really bring an athletic vibe to the outfit and are super comfortable! Sneakers became part of pop culture back in the 1970’s; hip hopers would wear mainly Nike, Puma and Adidas, while rockers would wear primarily Converse and Macbeth. In recent years, the white sneaker has made a come-back, especially with last year’s dad-sneaker trend. Here are some links to shop: Prada | Valentino Garavani | Adidas


Timeless Capsule Wardrobe: Sweaters

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.55.40 PM


Cotton Cardigan

A great piece for layering over a blouse or shirt. Having a cotton cardigan with a finer weave creates a sleek and professional look, perfect for the office, but can also be worn in a more casual outfit. Here are some links to shop: Comme des Garçons Play| Vince | Tory Burch


Chunky Knit Cardigan

 A really good alternative to a classic cotton cardigan, however with thicker strands for added warmth, texture, and comfort. Predominately worn during the Fall and Winter, it is an easy piece to wear for layering over a camisole or blouse, and under a coat. Here are some links to shop: Wilfred | Design Lab Lord & Taylor | Polo Ralph Lauren

Chunky Knit Sweater

This item is literally all I wear during the Winter. It is comfortable and can is a great layering piece to keep warm. Chunky knitwear is a fun garment, since it comes in so many different colours and weaves. For an elegant and luxurious look, try neutral colours and natural fibres. More on that HERE. Here are some links to shop: Canada Goose | The Group by Babaton | Dior


Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere is a fine, soft wool that originates from the Kashmir goat. It is one of my favourite natural fibre for clothing, read all about why HERE. Cashmere makes for elegant sweaters that are so versatile in use. They can be dressed up, dressed down, and even styled for an office-look. Here are some links to shop: Victoria Beckham | Vince | Polo Ralph Lauren


Timeless Capsule Wardrobe- Coats, Jackets, & Blazers

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.55.08 PM


OOTD: Black and Camel Luxe

Wool Coat

This coat is definitely an essential fashion staple. It can be during Fall through Spring, styled with different accessories for unique looks. Its classic cut goes with everything; whether you are wearing a dress, skirts, dress pants, or jeans, you will always be fashionable. The wool material provides a certain standard or quality and warmth not found with acrylic or polyester. Pea coats come in a variety of colours, however purchasing one in a neutral colour looks more expensive (due to natural fibres being neutral in colour) and is much more versatile. Here are some links to shop: Givenchy | Max Mara | Dolce & Gabbana

Trench Coat

Trench coats are loose, belted, double-breasted raincoats in a military style. They are very practical during Fall and Spring, to provide a little warmth against the wind and to stay dry in the rain. Trench coats can be effortlessly styled with all outfits. They come in a variety or colours, however once again I recommend purchasing one in a neutral colour for it to come into further use. Here are some links to shop: Saint Laurent | Burberry | Ted Baker London

Military Jacket

Military jackets, also known as officer’s jackets, are a suit-type jacket of who’s style originate from British militia uniforms. Iconically known for the double-breasted front and gold buttons, this jacket also comes in a variety of colours and cuts, sometimes with further gold ornamentation along the sleeves, shoulders, and collar. Here are some links to shop: Ralph Lauren | Saint Laurent | Saint Laurent


OOTD: Black & Cream

Tweed Jacket

Brought to life by Chanel, this iconic jacket emirates elegance and class. Gabrielle Chanel revolutionized women’s fashion in the 1920s and 1930s, inspired by menswear. Back then, women were constricted to corsets and thus could not move comfortable. She began to wear her beau’s clothes, and quickly noticed the suppleness and comfort of his clothes. To this day, the tweed jacket still recognized as the archetypal Chanel look. Here are some links to shop: Karl Lagerfeld | Chanel | Rebecca Taylor


OOTD: Luxurious Black

Black Blazer

Owning a black blazer is almost just as important as owning undergarments; it is a essential piece of clothing in this modern world. It can be styled for casual, business, and formal wear; the possibilities are endless. There are numerous cuts and details, so find one that speaks to you! Here are some links to shop: Saint Laurent | Balmain | FRAME

Insta Recaps

Huge Fall Instagram Recap!

OOTD: Pink Blazer

Inspiration Tuesday: Moto Blush

OOTD: Wrap-Around Denim

OOTD: Leather Appliqué

OOTD: Blazer Athleisure

Inspiration Tuesday: Burgundies and Browns

OOTD: Burgundy Knitwear

OOTD: Bare-Shoulder Knitwear

Inspiration Tuesday: Neutrals

OOTD: Neutral Knit

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 2.00.49 PM

Inspiration Tuesday: LBD Elegance


OOTD: Tan Mini


OOTD: Cable Knit + Button Down


Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 2.47.54 PM

Inspiration Tuesday: Autumnal Grey & Black


OOTD: Luxurious Black

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 11.50.46 AM

Inspiration Tuesday: Blazer Dress


OOTD: Luxurious Black


OOTD: Edgy Red

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 3.19.49 PM

Inspiration Tuesday: Gucci Red


Shop this look: Kenneth Cole NY blazer (oos; similar here) | Parasuco moto leggings (oos; similar here) | Expression OTK boots | Lauren by Ralph Lauren belt | Dynamite lace bodysuit (on sale!) | Melanie Lyne bracelet (oos; similar here)




OOTD: Edgy Red

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 8.24.50 PM

Inspiration Tuesday: Lady Red


Shop this look: Chanel Le Vernis 546 “Rouge Red” | Chanel Le Vernis 08 “Pirate” | Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Color 444 “Gabrielle” | Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour 99 “Pirate” | Chanel Le Crayon Lèvres Precision Lip Definer 57 “Rouge Profond”


OOTD: Black & White Business


OOTD: Shimmery Blue For Christmas

Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 1.49.37 PM

Inspiration Tuesday: Blue Christmas


OOTD: Shimmery Blue For Christmas


OOTD: Holiday Gold


OOTD: Luxurious Black

Shop this look: Zara blazer | Calvin Klein Jeans jeggings (oos; similar here) | Karl Lagerfeld Paris silk scarf | Fall 2017 Chanel bag | Lauren by Ralph Lauren belt | Dynamite lace bodysuit (on sale!) | Melanie Lyne bracelet (oos; similar here)

This outfit is focused on using basic pieces all in black to create a neutral backdrop for luxurious details. It is accessorized with high quality items, such as a Chanel bag, a Karl Lagerfeld silk scarf, and a Lauren by Ralph Lauren leather belt. This is the easiest method for getting a luxurious and elegant style; basic pieces + designer accessories. By creating the base of the outfit with basic pieces, your budget is optimized because they are typically inexpensive and you can purchased only a few items and restyle them in so many ways. Basic clothing items in neutral colours can be mixed and matched to make an infinite number of different outfits, that can be repeated numerous times by changing the accessories for different looks. By using high-end or designer bags, belts, scarves, jewelry, and shoes, your bring quality and luxury to any basic outfit.

Furthermore, just a quick life update. I am in the last week of my university session, and nearing final exams. I am super busy with assignments, evaluations, and studying, so I apologize if the amount of content has been lacking a bit or will temporarily be less frequent. Also, if there is a particular post or a type of outfit you would like to see, comment down below or comment/DM on my Instagram (@lily_belf).

Have a nice weekend loves!


OOTD: Iron Maiden

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 56FullSizeRender 52FullSizeRender 55FullSizeRender 50FullSizeRender 54FullSizeRender 53FullSizeRender 57

Shop this look: Iron Maiden The Trooper concert tee | American Eagle denim | Lauren by Ralph Lauren belt | Danier bag (oos; similar here) | Riverdean watch (use code LILY20 for 20% off!) | Melanie Lyne crystal and screw bracelet | Civion arrow bracelet (use code LILYBELF25 for 25% off!)

For this look, I am styling a concert tee with white denim cutoffs. I feel like we all have those concert tees, or maybe even plain, less stylish t-shirts, that just are stored away deep in our closet and just accumulate dust. As long as they are not faded or damaged, they can be used to make a comfortable, simple, and stylish outfit. This tee is actually my dad’s haha, which gives it the looseness that I am looking for. To make for a better fit, and to add to the casual vibe of this look, I tucked in the shirt and rolled the sleeves.

I like to spruce up basic outfit pieces with good quality and high-end accessories. In this outfit, I used a designer belt and a high quality leather bag. It really brings all the pieces  together for a stylish look, without bringing too much emphasis on the fact that some items (ex: concert tee) is of lesser quality. Moreover, I find that using white denim for summer really brightens up and brings out the colours of the rest of the outfit. I believe that it makes a nice contrast with my skin tone, accentuating a sun-kissed colouring.



OOTD: Monochrome x Pink

FullSizeRender 197FullSizeRender 198FullSizeRender 199FullSizeRender 200FullSizeRender 202FullSizeRender 203FullSizeRender 207FullSizeRender 210

Shop this look: US Polo Association white shirt |  Head leggings (oos; similar here) | Halifornia hat | Converse sneakers (white & silver version here) | Danier bag (oos; find similar here) | H&M sippy cup

I have been sporting this look quite a lot recently. I love how comfortable a basic t-shirt and leggings are, and everyone loves the athletic style. I like to coordinate the colours, usually keeping everything neutral with an accent colour or statement piece. In this case, everything is monochrome, with an added touch of pink from my nails and the sippy cup. Moreover, I have been wearing a lot more baseball caps for day-to-day outfits. I think that they are fun to style and help protect my face and eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. I am really loving this particular hat, as it can be worn with so many different combinations of outfits and is super comfy! If interest in buying one, use promo code LILYBELF20 for 20% off your next Halifornia purchase!


Insta Recaps

Instagram Recap: May 2018

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 2.58.37 PM

Inspiration Tuesday- Minty


Shop this look: Zara blouse (oos; find similar here) | Melanie Lyne pants (oos; find similar here) | Converse sneakers (oos; find similar here)


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 4.00.24 PM

Inspiration Tuesday- Daffodil


My Trip in Old Québec

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 3.11.05 PM

Inspiration Tuesday- Teal Trimmings


Shop this look: American Eagle denim overalls | Aldo sunglasses (oos; find similar here) | Karl Lagerfeld bag ( oos; find similar here) | Converse sneakers (oos; find similar here)

FullSizeRender 117

FullSizeRender 116

OOTD: Striped

Inspiration Tuesday: Black x Gold

Inspiration Tuesday: Black x Gold

FullSizeRender 139

OOTD: Basic



OOTD: Leopard Pumps

FullSizeRender 164FullSizeRender 175FullSizeRender 177FullSizeRender 169FullSizeRender 168FullSizeRender 171FullSizeRender 172FullSizeRender 166FullSizeRender 174FullSizeRender 173FullSizeRender 165FullSizeRender 170FullSizeRender 176IMG_6050FullSizeRender 167

Shop this look: RW&Co blouse (oos; find similar here) | Kensie jeans (oos; find similar here) | Sam Edelman leopard heels | Polo Ralph Lauren belt (oos; find similar here) | Danier bag (oos; find similar here) | Melanie Lyne nail bracelet | Melanie Lyne screw and crystal bracelet | Civion leaf bracelet

I have worn various combinations of this outfit and love them all! This blouse is one of my favourites and is definitely a piece I wear often. I like to marry  different shoes and bags, which helps create new outfits ideas with a limited wardrobe. However, I still try to coordinate the colour of my bag, belt, and shoes, as to create cohesion throughout the entire look. In this case, my black leather bag is paired with my black belt, which pulls the black from the leopard print shoes. Speaking of, these Sam Edelman heels are the comfiest heels I have ever worn! I could last all day in these babies! The shoe model is called Hazel, and comes in numerous colours and print, some of which are on sale right now!

As for accessories, I coordinate my metallics, as I have previously mentioned in other outfit posts. For this particulate look, my metallic of choice was gold; from the bracelets, to earrings, to belt buckle, to the bag chain. I am that person that likes everything to match in order to create a sense of uniformity. I am especially loving my leaf bracelet, purchased from Civion, a jewelry company based in New York. Their products are really lovely and are so easy to pair with any outfit! Use promo code LILYBELF25 for 25% off your next Civion purchase!



Fashion Finds: Floral Dresses for Summer

Dynamite Halter Maxi Dress

Wilfred BEAUNE DRESS | Aritzia

Wilfred Beaune Dress in oak/citrico

Romwe Plunging Strappy Back High Slit Florals Dress

Free People Gorgeous Jess Wrap Dress in red combo

Dynamite Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Dress in black floral

Dynamite Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Dress in white floral

Dynamite Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Dress in white floral

Dynamite Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Dress in leafy floral

Borgo De Nor Beatrice Floral Print Maxi Dress

Borgo De Nor Beatrice Floral Print Maxi Dress (on sale!)


Gucci Rose Garden Print Silk Dress

Chanel Look 57 Spring-Summer 2018

Polo Ralph Lauren Floral Silk Maxi Dress in pink

Phase Eight Alexandra Floral Shift Dress in red

Colori Fabian Robe Fleurie Accent Lacets en ivoire/rose

Jessica Howard - Floral Print Maxi Dress, Orange, hi-res

Jessica Howard Floral Print Maxi Dress in orange

Floral Print Beaded Chiffon Dress, Blue, hi-res

Laura Floral Print Beaded Chiffon Dress in blue

Sandra Darren – Sleeveless Floral Print Dress, Blue, hi-res

Sandra Darren Sleeveless Floral Print Dress in blue

Maggy London - Floral Print Cold Shoulder Dress, Black, hi-res

Maggie London Floral Print Cold Shoulder Dress in black




OOTD: Basic

FullSizeRender 139FullSizeRender 126FullSizeRender 156FullSizeRender 140FullSizeRender 154FullSizeRender 129FullSizeRender 153FullSizeRender 141FullSizeRender 157FullSizeRender 132FullSizeRender 152

Shop this look: Segments merino wool top (oos; find similar here) | Kensie jeans (oos; find similar here) | Michael Kors tote bag | Aldo booties (on sale!) | Polo Ralph Lauren belt (oos; find similar here) | Civion nail bracelet | George aviators (find similar here)

I cannot say how many times I have worn this outfit without fail! It easy to put together, and can be done with almost any wardrobe! When broken down, it is just the combination of basic pieces everyone owns: black long sleeve top, blue jeans, black leather belt, brown booties, brown leather bag. As I have mentioned in an older post, I always try to coordinate my metallic accents, in which this case is gold. The gold matches across the belt buckle, metal details on my bag, trim on my aviators, and jewelry.

On another note, in a collaborating with Civion, a jewelry company based in New York, I have discovered some beautiful accessories that are really in for the season, as seen with the nail bracelet. Their pieces are a great addition to my wardrobe and really help play up and complete any outfit! Use my promo code LILYBELF25 for 25% off your next Civion purchase!

The trim of my mirror can be seen in most of the pictures above. Here is the link to buy my mirror.



OOTD: Striped

FullSizeRender 98FullSizeRender 95FullSizeRender 100FullSizeRender 102FullSizeRender 108FullSizeRender 117FullSizeRender 116FullSizeRender 103FullSizeRender 97FullSizeRender 111FullSizeRender 117

Shop this look: Calvin Klein Jeans denim jacket (exclusively sold at Costco in-store; find similar here) | Company Ellen Tracy striped cami (oos; find similar here) | Polo Ralph Lauren belt (oos; find similar here) | RW&Co white jeans | Civion nail bracelet | George aviators (find similar here)

I am loving how simple this outfit is! Perfect for warmer spring weather with a basic cotton cami paired with a denim jacket. I am not going to lie, I have been basically living in this jacket; it is so easy to style and is super comfortable!

I have recently been collaborating with Civion, a small jewelry company based in New York. I find their pieces perfect to revive my wardrobe just in time for the warmer weather, and have fallen in love with their nail bracelet! It is definitely a major trend this year! Use the promo code LILYBELF25 for 25% off your next Civion purchase!

For this look, my inspiration did not come from other outfits or even clothing for that matter, but rather a certain hairstyle. If you follow Missy Sue on social media, you would know she is absolutely darling when it comes to hairstyles, and thus is what initially sparked the idea to put this outfit together.

Have an amazing weekend!



Fashion Finds: Tote Bags

Image result for LAUREN RALPH LAUREN Large Canvas Market Tote

Lauren Ralph Lauren Large Canvas Market Tote in natural (on sale now!!!)

Image result for LAUREN RALPH LAUREN Saffiano Leather Tote

Lauren Ralph Lauren Saffiano Leather Tote in brown (on sale now!!!)

Image result for COACH Turnlock Leather Tote

Coach Turnlock Leather Tote in black

Image result for CALVIN KLEIN Chain-Strap Metallic Tote

Calvin Klein Chain-Strap Metallic Tote in pink

Vince Camuto Leila Saffiano Leather Tote in snow white (on sale now!)

Calvin Klein Naomi Leather Tote in navy (on sale now!!!)

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Toby Pebble Leather Tote in black

DKNY Large Leather Shopper Tote in egg nog (on sale now!!!)

Malibu Woven Straw Tote

Michael Kors Malibu Woven Straw Tote in nat/opticwht

Jet Set Large Top-Zip Saffiano Leather Tote

Michael Kors Jet Set Large Top-Zip Saffiano Leather Tote in luggage

I own this bag and it is one of my favourites!

Main Image - Saint Laurent Small Sac de Jour Croc Embossed Leather Tote

Saint Laurent Small Sac De Jour Croc Embossed Leather Tote in black

Main Image - Saint Laurent Large LouLou Matelassé Leather Tote

Saint Laurent Large LouLou Matelassé Leather Tote in nero/nero

Main Image - Balmain Renaissance Leather Tote

Balmain Renaissance Leather Tote in noir

Main Image - Burberry Medium Banner House Check & Brogue Calfskin Tote

Burberry Medium Banner House Check & Brogue Calfskin Tote in white/black

Main Image - Salvatore Ferragamo Quilted Gancio Leather Tote

Salvatore Ferragamo Quilted Gancio Leather Tote in black

Main Image - Salvatore Ferragamo Saffiano Leather Tote

Salvatore Ferragamo Saffiano Leather Tote in new bisque macaron

Main Image - Nancy Gonzalez Erica Linen & Crocodile Tote

Nancy Gonzalez Erica Linen & Crocodile Tote in white

Gucci Ophidia GG Medium Top Handle Bag in GG supreme

Gucci GG Marmont Small Top Handle Bag in hibiscus red leather

Chanel Large Shopping Bag, Calfskin & Gold-Tone Metal in black

Prada Dual calf leather bag BLACK/ASTRAL BLUE Prada

Prada Dual Calf Leather Bag in black/ astral blue

Bags - Cabata Tote Bag - Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Cabata Tote Bag White Calfskin

Image result for Perforated Elizabeth Tote

Lauren Ralph Lauren Perforated Elizabeth Tote in black/gold


Rebecca Minkoff Florence Tote


Tory Burch Fleming Triple Compartment Tote in black



Fashion Finds: Sandals

Michael Kors Kami T-Strap in beige

Michael Kors Simone Mid Sandal in beige

Michael Kors Berkley Lock Sandal in tan

Michael Kors Berkley Wedge in blue

Álvaro Blue Ariana feather and leather sandals

Álvaro Blue Ariana Feather and Leather Sandals

Gianvito Rossi white 105 frill leather sandals

Gianvito Rossi White 105 Frill Leather Sandals

Miu Miu Metallic flat sandals with crystals

Miu Miu Metallic Flat Sandals with Crystals

Versace black Medusa Medal 110 leather sandals

Versace Black Medusa Medal 110 Leather Sandals

Aquazzura Metallic Moon ray 85 Sandals

Aquazzura Metallic Moon Ray 85 Sandals

Aquazzura Red Sofia 105 Suede sandals

Aquazzura Red Sofia 105 Suede Sandals

Gianvito Rossi frayed denim Kiki 105 sandals

Gianvito Rossi Frayed Denim Kiki 105 Sandals

Aquazzura Gold Nadja 110 Leather Sandals

Aquazzura Gold Nadja 110 Leather Sandals

Aquazzura White Flora Satin sandals

Aquazzura White Flora Satin Sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Gold Cruel 130 Leather sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Gold Cruel 130 Leather Sandals

Image result for POLO RALPH LAUREN Kierra Bullion Calfskin Sandal

Polo Ralph Lauren Kierra Bullion Calfskin Sandal

Chanel Mules, Calfskin & Grosgain in ercru & black

Chanel Sandals, Lamé Lambskin in gold

Chanel Sandals, Lambskin & Calfskin in dark gold & black

Chanel Sandals, Calfskin in black

Chanel Mules, Fabric & Goatskin in white & black

Image result for STEVE MADDEN Kandi Loafer Slides

Steve Madden Kandi Loafer Slides in blackSam Edelman Aly Ankle Strap Heel in black suede

Sam Edelman Patti Ankle Strap Sandal in sand leopard brahma

Louise Et Cie Korella in black/ soft cow pat



Fashion Finds: Jackets & Blazers

Butterfly Sleeve Ponte Blazer, Blue, hi-res

Melanie Lyne Butterfly Sleeve Ponte Blazer (on sale now!)

Faux Suede Zip Detail Jacket, Pink, hi-res

Laura Faux Suede Zip Detail Jacket


Danier Zip Front Modern Bomber

Main Image - Balmain Double Breasted Wool Blend Blazer

Balmain Double Breasted Wool Blazer in white

Main Image - Madewell Jean Jacket (Pinter Wash)

Madewell Jean Jacket

Main Image - Via Spiga Double Breasted Trench Coat

Via Spiga Double Breasted Trench Coat (33% off!)

Polo Ralph Lauren Knit Cotton Blazer (use code FAMILY for 30% off!)

Ralph Lauren Collection Apparel Fillmore Checked Jacket

Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton-Wool Admiral Jacket (50% off + use code FAMILY for 30% off!)


Nanette Lepore Jazz Jacket in white

Image 4 of FAUX SUEDE BIKER JACKET from Zara

Zara Faux Suede Biker Jacket in black

Image 2 of TWEED BLAZER WITH TRIMS from Zara

Zara Tweed Blazer with Trims


25 Inspiring Fashion Quotes

I have always loved fashion, and have always appreciated seeing a quote that encourages me to achieve my goals. Down below I am sharing with you 25 fashion quotes that have inspired me:

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well” ~ Vivienne Westwood

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” ~ Coco Chanel

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” ~ Yves Saint Laurent

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades” ~Audrey Hepburn

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” ~Rachel Zoe

“Fashion is an instant language” ~Miuccia Prada

“The joy of dressing is an art” ~John Galliano

“Well have you seen my closet? Fashion is art, and culture, and history, and everything I love combined” ~Blair Waldorf

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated” ~Oscar Wilde

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it” ~Edith Head

“Personal style comes from within. It’s when the woman, her individuality and spirit, come through. She uses clothes to express who she is and how she feels” ~Donna Karan

“Style is personality. It’s having the ability to look at things beyond fashion and the self-confidence to transform even the simplest thing into something special. It is a natural quality you cannot learn and there are no rules to follow” ~Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions” ~Coco Chanel

“Buy less, choose well & make it last” ~Vivienne Westwood

“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together” ~Carolina Herrera

“Dressing is a way of life” ~Yves Saint Laurent

“In a wonderful world of trends, I want to remain a classic” ~Iman

“Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big” ~Anonymous

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” ~Coco Chanel

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you” ~Ralph Lauren

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” ~Leonardo da Vinci

“A woman carries her clothes, but it’s a shoe that carries a woman” ~Christian Louboutin

“I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes” ~Oprah Winfrey

“Dressing well is a form of good manners” ~Tom Ford

“Shoes tranform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally” ~Christian Louboutin



Fashion Finds-Coats

The Group by Babaton GORNICK JACKET | Aritzia

Gornick Jacket in constant camel/birch by The Group by Babaton from Aritzia (on sale now!)

Mallia - Fur Trimmed Cashmere Cape, Black, hi-res

Fur Trimmed Cashmere Cape from Melanie Lyne

Image of Soia & Kyo Draped Leather Trim Wool Blend Coat

Draped Leather Trim Wool Blend Coat by Soia & Kyo from Nordstrom Rack

Main Image - Kenneth Cole New York Wool Blend Maxi Wrap Coat

Wool Blend Maxi Wrap Coat in rum raisin by Kenneth Cole New York from Nordstrom


Wool Blend Long Wrap Coat in camel by Ted Baker London from Nordstrom



Bellasio Double Breasted Wool Coat by Altuzarra from Nordstrom


Wool Blend Wrap Coat in vicuna by Lauren Ralph Lauren from Nordstrom


Camel Coat in camel from Max Mara (on sale now!)